Nexus Biographies



Recalling the story
Of Chae-yun the old
.. Chongun Master

Who resisted the taunts
Of a younger man, seeking
..Ill-gained glory

Aspirants study the deeds
Spoken of in our scrolls
The honor..
..The heroes

But worthy heroes exist even now
To be written of by bards
To be studied..
..And praised

Amaranthine beasts walked the world
In a dimly lit room, the tremble of hearts
.. Frantically

The ninth seal had not yet been broken
Words flew , like heated wings through the air
To find a solution..
..Or not

The foreign voices in the hall
Offered to the old man
..for a price

Led by one, masked in green: Germ
Whose words and cloak meant to deceive
Our weapon..
..for our lives

But the old Avatar, Guldar, saw
What lay behind the lies
..on fear

The old man refused
To the amazement of most

He astutely perceived
The man's plot and intentions
The lies..
..the plan

To take from the lands
To offer false hope
To cheat..
..To rob

The men who accompanied
This green clad false hero

But the old man responded not
To these insults and jeers

He refused point blank
The cloaked man's request
But promised..
..To defend the lands

He resisted, held firm
'til the crowd went away

To defend..
..To resist
Chae-yun's tale in new form
Brought to life once again