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Tale of Eldjaran

--An aged parchment sits before you within a binding of leather--

Long ago, when the tiger roamed the jungle freely, and all peoples believed in honor and other timeless values, there was a dynasty. A dynasty that stood for something. A dynasty that gave respect, and was respected in return. This dynasty was to be known by many, and never forgotten...

The A'kjai Dynasty ruled the land of Eldjaran with a caring hand rather than an iron fist. A'kjai's emperor, WaiChen, was a kind man, who cared for his people very much. His dedication to the citizens of his lands was immense. His lands were much better because of this dedication. All wished to live in this kingdom. Eldjaran was the kingdom of peace, happiness, and prosperity. Many were welcomed with open arms. Many tried to live within the kingdoms, but do to their morals and behavior, they were not allowed. Some grew angry, and sought revenge to fill the void that was to be quenched with the acceptance into Eldjaran.

The angered public formed a mob to wage attack upon Eldjaran. They collected enough forces to really harm the kingdom, and its citizens. Emperor WaiChen called upon his four greatest Sonbae:

Lord D'akan from the west, Lord Hito from south, Lady Z'hyn from the east, and Lord Ghim from the north.

These Sonbae fought with the valor of the falcon, the bravery of the lion, the honor of the rooster, and the strength of the bear. They fought off the enemy militia to the best of their ability. They warded the enemy forces off, and protected Eldjaran, its citizens, and its emperor, WaiChen. This act of heroism will never be forgotten. In honor of his Sonbae, WaiChen created the Four Clans of Eldjaran. These four clans were lead by each of the Sonbae who protected the peaceful kingdom.

From that point onwards, D'akan Clan, Hito Clan, Z'hyn Clan, and Ghim Clan stood strong and each still remain strong. The clans stand for what each of the Sonbae stood for, and stand eternally by the Chongun Creed.