Nexus Biographies


Elemental Confusion

What am I? I say to you,

I nourish all and I renew.

I tear walls down,

erode the ground,

put out fires,

and drown people too...

I am...

What-are(water) you thinking I am now?

I grow up tall and am all around,

My branches grow far,

makes excellent spars,

to build houses

that damage the ground...

I am...

Would (wood) you mind about asking me,

what I'm doing, chopping this tree?

I pierce many foes,

dig up many holes,

and make up weapons and armors

that you all can see.

I am...

Met all (metal) the people you could?

Figuring me out, would do you some good.

I'm what you walk on,

I am your front lawn,

I soak up the water

just like I should.

I am... th..that's a very good guess,

you've almost passed this hard test.

I'm warm to the touch,

and can destroy much,

When it comes to beating water,

I'm so not the best.

I am...


...Water, Wood,

Metal and Earth, too...

I guess you can call me the elements

constructive and destructive

ruin and renew.