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First Day of Koguryo

With every unread book, there is the opening. As with every story, there is a beginning. Every thing has a first. My first day in these lands was like not like any other I have experienced. It was far too memorable to forget about, and far too enjoyable to not long for it once again.

The winds were high that day. The brisk flowing breezes wrapped my face like I was being engulfed in the hands of the god's themselves. The sun shined brightly upon the crisp, cool water. It looked at me as if, It already knew me. I had been in the Koguryan region for just a few hours, and already, I felt welcomed.

Han was very different from Koguryo. Han, my home, the land of my people, was all I ever knew. I was a member of the Hanese Chongunate and I was just transferred to help out with the Koguryan branch. I was so nervous. I wish not to let either kingdoms down. I wouldn't let myself do that. With an open mind, and a firm footstep, I continued further into Koguryan territory.

I did not know what to expect when I entered the outskirts of Kugnae. I did not know whether to expect being greeted by vagrants and thieves, or some dignitary or noble. I just didn't know. I anticipated a greeting, but I did not know of what that greeting would consist of.

I glance around the northern gate, all dazed and confused. A robed figure approaches me.

He smiles and says, "Greetings, Chongun Lyzand."

Confused, I respond, "H-h-hello. Who might you be?"

He responds, "I am the Chongun Avatar, KoyaSoto.

I immediately smiled and regained my confidence. I regained my purpose for being in Koguryo. This very man before me requested my presence in Koguryo. He wanted me here. I was more than glad to be here, and with his hand put out before me, I shook it. We exchanged smiles and he lead me to the Sodo, so I could meet the others.

It was growing dark, and the stars were appearing in the eastward sky. My First Day in Koguryo was a pleasant one, and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

Lyzand Miru Hirotaki Chongun Paladin