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The Ponderings of Pendus Graft

When the wildwood encompassed the earth freely, and the people, were still new, and learning. Still open-minded to all, because all was new, all was seen as enlightenment. Those times are but a memory, but we can revel in them, and so, I tell you the Legend of Pendus Graft.

The peoples of the lands were besieged in war. Anyone with an arguement of any kind soon had blood on their hands. It was a cutthroat time... a vicious time...

The past king had lead the land too long with an iron grip. It... it was too much for the people. One rose up, and killed the king, and assumed his place. This one created a council to lead the lands. The council grew very greedy and corrupt. This enraged the peoples. Chaos was amongst the lands. Order had to be instilled, but not by a ruler or dictator. Not by a high council. Not by a governing body of any kind. It had to be lead by the people.

On the 26th moon, on the 22nd hour, the people gathered. They gathered in an open field. All who could be there, attended. It was silent. No one spoke in fear of dieing by another's hand. One farmer stood up. He was a rather young man, still learning and growing. He said to the crowd....

"My name is Pendus Graft. I am a farmer from Hindirin. I feel that we all should express our thoughts in an open manner. Free from fear. No one will hurt anyone here for anything they say. There shall be no attacks verbal or physical amongst any who speak. We will each listen, pondering the words of others. The time has come for us to regain order. The only way to do that is to hear from everyone."

Pendus then sat back down, and the crowd clapped and cheered. That night, they all spoke. Every last person. Suggesting ideas, letting their thoughts float around freely. The age of chaos ended and peace once again lived.

a listening friend,

Lyzand Miru Hirotaki