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Raging Earths

From the land of Han, in the town of Redal, lives an enlightened people. They use thier minds to perfect all that they can. Most being Historians and Miners, they have learned to use their resources. Over time, the citizens of Redal sought out a way to defend themselves. With the tools of their trade, they have came up with a fighting style known as the, "Raging Earth."

Within the "Raging Earth," there are 2 dominant techniques; the "Vi taba" and the "Xempo."

The Vi taba is the use of "quick defense" and Xempo is the use of "Earthly strikes."

Vi taba relies on you to grab any thing accesible to give you an advantage to defend. The common tool in redal is the Mining pick, or the Shovel. A standard move is to strike you enemy with an outward slapping motion and then slice inward at them. The slap makes them think that is your only move while the slice is a surprise. It is a nice blocking technique.

Xempo is the use of materials from the earth (Limestone, obsidian) and strike your enemy. There is the common strike which is like pitching the stone at your target. There is also a strike called "Beh." It's a powerful blow caused by momentum. The caster takes the stone and spends in a circular manner and then projects it at it's target. This is a much stronger attack, but it's very wild and uncontrollable.

These techniques are practiced in a small game. There are 2 players, "Vi taba" and "Xempo." The Vi taba wields a practice blade and a shield. The Xempo bears the stones. They both face each other at opposite ends of a set area (throwing distance). To deflect a common strike, the Vi taba must face their blade towards the Xempo ((Themselves face southward)). For the Vi taba to deflect a "Beh" strike, they must face thier shield towards the Xempo ((Face north)).

If the Vi taba blocks a "Beh" with the sword, the Xempo gets a hit.

If the Vi taba blocks a common strike with a shield, it's considered a hit for the Xempo as well. The first with 3 misses, loses -or- the first with 3 hits, wins.

The Xempo can fool and trick the Vi taba by moving back and forth west and east. The Xempo can also pretend to be spinning and then lead into a common strike. This method of training is considered to be a nice mutual practice. Both parties benefit and so, it's successful.

As representing Redal, and Han, I give these methods and techniques to all peoples who wish to learn them. They are but more knowledge to be gained in this world of infinite horizons.

--Scribed by Lyzand,

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