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Legend of the Spring Bow

The Spring bow. To some, this device of simplistic nature is nothing more than a hunting tool. A tactical ranged weapon that, not only takes skill, but some physical stability. Few people know of the this weapon's legend. It's "coming to be." Well, as I was told by my Master, Ghim Hahta, I will tell you all now...

Long ago, in the dim ages. The times were changing and the people still wished to experience things. The peoples of the lands gathered and hunted. They spent times within libraries and monasteries. It was a time of enlightenment. A peaceful time that was free from oppression and chaos. The people learned, and they rejoiced in their learnings. So many learned, but one spoiled all that he had learned by using it not for the greater good, but to rule humanity.

Fennis Uhmdal, the dark warlord in which I speak of once ruled all of the lands. He, and his legion well-trained warriors ruled the lands. It was now a time of great sorrow. Death plagued the towns and the villages. The people were scattered about in fear for their lives. All was not well... Not well at all.

The fierce maruaders lead by Warlord Uhmdal were the epitome of evil. They slayed the men, and imprisoned the women and children as slaves. This of course infuriated the people of the lands. Seeing their own slowly being grasped by the evil gauntlet of Fennis Uhmdal. There was a gathering of the people. This gathering would be known forever more as the "Rathellos Calling."

The Rathellos Calling took region's capital of Kirhidin. It's named derived from the native term for savior, "rathellos." Many members from clans and tribes gathered at the clock tower in Kirhidin. This place was ran by a "Keldun Xenn." Keldun Xenn had lost his wife and two children to the deeds of Fennis Uhmdal and his henchmen. His anger grew every waking moment to see Fennis dead.

"People of the lands. You were requested to attend this meeting so that we can rise to defeat Fennis Uhmdal. I am Keldun Xenn, keeper of this clocktower. I wish to see justice served within my lifetime for my children could not see it in theres..." Keldun looks at the ground and wipes his tears away.

"Something must be done!" Keldun declares.

"His Marauder's are strong and well defended!" someone shouted from the crowd.

"I have thought of a way to deal with them." Keldun explains. "After much planning, I have learned of a way for each person to defend their home. After studying his men, they appeared to be extremely well at hand-to-hand combat. On the otherhand, they appear to be very weak to ranged attacks. I have learned how to make the simplest of bows to defend the largest of homes."

"Within each of your homes, take some of your finest twine in which you use to wrap your crops. Soak this in a concentration of boiling candlewax. Let set and cool for a few minutes, and then rub the string down. On your next outing for firewood, collect a strong, yet flexible branch from the finest of trees. Firmly tie the waxed string to one end of the limb. Take the bow to a stream of cool water. Let it soak for minutes. This lets the string loosen up. Tie the other end of the string to the other end of the limb. This bow of superb quality is a Spring bow. It will aid you well in bringing and end to Uhmdal's rule."

The people left the Clocktower and returned to their homes. They they all did what Keldun requested, and each were prepared. With their spring bows, they were able to defend their homes, and slowly eliminate Uhmdal's men. The people then were strong enough to invade the stronghold of the despised leader and swiftly ended his reign of terror.

The Spring bow, may be a simple weapon, but yet the best one in it's time of need.