Nexus Biographies


Vempas Artifact

Yuri 45, 18th moon of Spring

It's a cold night. I know that we must be somewhat close to the Vempas Artifact. That silly guy, Rufus... It's apparent that he's a tradesman. He asks me constantly: "How much eet, wurth?" Such a crude tongue he has. He should learn to speak more properly. I just wish to find the Artifact to merely study it. To gain knowledge is wealth. Well, I know it's probably just past this ridge. Ill get back to you soon.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 19th moon of Spring

Well, we reached the mountain pass, just over that ridge, it seems that the treasure is to lie here. One of Rufus's men have became very ill. He can barely eat. Oh, just great. He's on his way over here.

-A stain lies on the journal page-

That's just nasty. He got sick all over my beloved journal. That nasty drone. We reached the center of the glittering cavern. It's water seems clear, but it reaks of sulfur. It's supposed be around here somewhere. I'll get back to you.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 20th moon of Spring

The crew has been digging for 8 hours now, and still no sign of treasure. I know it must be close. If they dont find it soon, It will surely be my neck. I better get to reading.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 21st moon of Spring

Thank goodness. We found it. Rufus says: "Eet Looks like a bluddy Candlesteek" I just tell him, "It looks like a bloody idiot." He says "Huh?" You would think the nephew of royalty would have some sense. Apparentally not.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 22nd moon of Spring

I have looked over the relic. It's a precious item indeed. The carvings in it's base appear to be in Sonhi. It says something along the lines of : "Treasure of the Great One" I have no idea of what that means, but hopefully I will find out soon.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 24th moon of Spring

After many many hours of observation, I uncovered that the points on the base of the relic created a code. This code gave the location of yet another treasure. I have no idea what the treasure is, but Rufus and his crew plan on leaving out tomorrow.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 25th moon of Spring

Today we head out seeking the treasure that the relic pointed out. I know nothing about this treasure, other than the fact that we must go to the shrine east of Koguryo according to the relic. That is a days journey, so I'll get back to you.

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 26th moon of Spring

We have came to the shrine and there appears to be stone tablets engraved along the walls. I can faintly make them out, but they say "Past the Pillar made of Lead" I keep trying to think into it, but I just dont know. Ill get back to you

Lyzand Hirotaki

Yuri 45, 27th moon of Spring

I finally figured out what the lead pillar meant. To the western side of the shrine was this lead pillar. Rufus and his crew shifted it over so I could see what it means. I walk around the pillar, and come up amiss. I know nothing to do now. I just consider it to be one of those treasure hunting failures you have once in a while.

Lyzand Hirotaki