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Pat's Life Story

Prelude: The beginning

I was born in a far off land called 'Kerzhul' I was never much of a cartographer, but I believe the land was far off to the north, due to how cold it always was. My father was a warrior by the name of Veldrin, and my mother was a healer by the name of Majiko. Healers and fighters naturally get along; my parents did that and more. My mother and father met while battling some Ice giants, actually my Father was battling them, my mother was held captive by them. After my father, Veldrin, had returned her to her village, he left. He came back two years later, with a terrible side wound from a barbed club. She was able to help him back to the world of the living, though just barely. When he regained consciousness, he learned that she was actually the daughter of the village elder. They ran away far to the north, to the village of Kerzhul'

Chapter one: the Academy of Magik

After I was born in Kerzhul, I showed a natural understanding and ease for using Magik. I was enrolled into the Academy of Magik at the age of only six winters, near-endless winters. At first I was only an apprentice, along with seventeen other children my age. I was an apprentice to an old man by the name of Ollo the Wise. Nobody knew exactly how old he was, and he would not tell anyone, so it remained a mystery. When I said seventeen other children as apprentices, I actually meant all of them to one Master, Ollo.

At the age of seven, I was the only apprentice, the others had left to go to other masters, I was very capable as an apprentice, but I knew I needed more. Ollo the Wise was, as his name implies, very wise. Unfortunately, he was wise, but not the most intelligent person around. There were more occasions than I can count on my fingers that Ollo 'accidentally' set me, or himself, up in flames.

When I had seen ten winters, I was given a different job. Eventually, I had to clean the Academy just to fund my stay there. It was hard and disgusting work, because I had to clean the sewers beneath the Academy. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to practice my Magik on the various creatures in the sewer. There were many creatures, such as snakes, rats, bugs, and more. There were also very dangerous monsters such as Doppelganger rocks, which turned into large snakes went you got close. The very worst creature I found in the sewer is what gave me my first major wound. I had found a creature I had only read about, a sewer golem. It was a golem constructed of trash, mud, and various dead snakes, and rats. Magik creates all golems, most are created by Mages, but accidental forces, such as two magikal creatures combining, create a very small amount as well. It was a very difficult creature to destroy; I had to do something I had never done before, and was warned never to do unless I was in an extreme emergency. I considered this to be extreme enough. I was forced to combine magik's together, two spells as one, to even wound this creature. First, I tried your average lightning spell, which all mages were taught. It did nothing. Secondly, I tried combining Fire with Electricity, and this destroyed it. While I was casting my magiks, the golem had managed to cut off one of my hands. It was very difficult, but I managed to get back to the academy, and get it healed. When I went back to the sewers, the golem was gone. Sadly, I could not get its body for an inspection or reward.

I spent nine more years after that, learning under different mages, learning different magiks, and becoming a Mage. At the age of nineteen, I left the Academy of Magik in Kerzhul, and after I had said my goodbyes to my parents, I left to the south, in search of adventure, or some way to spend my life.

Chapter two: Leaving home

After I had left the Icy lands of Kerzhul, I traveled south in search of another village. I traveled for three days before I found another place, and it was a very large city called Zelphim. It was a very large city with well over ten thousand people, the village I came from, had little over a hundred. The city I was in was a good deal warmer than Kerzhul, and the heat made me very comfortable. I traveled to the tavern, stayed there for a day. After I came down to the main room, I noticed several armed men looking around. At first I thought they were robbers looking for someone to' well rob. I slid out the door in a stealthy manner, and the moment I turned around to look back, I tripped over a rock, and fell right into the smiths shop.

In the smithy (As they were called) I nearly fell into the smiths forge, I would have, had someone not pulled me back. Thinking it was the armed men from the inn, I turned around. It actually was a very tall warrior. 'Are you alright?' he said, 'You almost hit the forge there, what's your name?' I gulped, 'My name is Pat Majaski sir, who are you?' I replied. The warrior laughed, 'I am Sargon, I am a bounty hunter.'

My eyes were wide, I thought someone was hunting me, but then I remembered I had already told him who I was, and he hadn't done a thing to me. 'Would you know someone by the name of Drineth, Pat?' he said. I shook my head, for I knew not of someone by that name. 'It is well that you don't, he is a very successful bandit around here,' Sargon laughed. I sighed with relief; this was obviously a nice person, who wouldn't be out to kill me. Not that anyone was, to my knowledge. 'So, where are you headed?' Sargon asked me. 'I was on my way south, I had just left my home about half a week ago' I replied. He grinned, 'If you have need of a bodyguard, I have an able sword and an empty coin pouch' he said with a chuckle. I told Sargon that I wasn't quite even sure where I was going, and I also asked if he had any suggestions. 'Well,' he said, 'There is one place you could go. Actually it's where I'm heading as well. There is a very large kingdom to the southwest of here, it is called 'Buya', and I think you would do well there. Since I am heading there myself, I wouldn't even charge you for safe passage.' It seemed too good to be true, I accepted his offer with thanks. 'When can we set off Sargon?' I asked curiously, 'I am ready to leave when you are, friend.' And that was the beginning of my friendship with Sargon the Warrior.

We set off after Sargon had bought a new sword and shield; he even offered to help me train with one. It was my turn to laugh, 'Sargon, I am not a sword-wielder, I am a Magik user.' He was surprised at this, 'Really?' he inquired, 'I just thought you were a peasant.' I told him, 'No, I am an apprentice Magik wielder.' I said with a laugh. After we had set off southwest, towards the city of Buya, we soon ran into trouble. About two miles out of town, we found an ogre. Unfortunately for the brute, he was caught in a hunter's rabbit snare. Sargon and I were reluctant to set him free, for fear he might attack us, as was the nature of ogres. Most people claim that ogre tongue is little more than pointing and grunting, my friend thought this as well. But I, who was more educated, despite being younger, knew the actually language (or at least some of it). In the human language, what I said, would sound like this 'Us help you free, but you help us after' which basically was the equivalent of 'If we help you, you'll help us'. The ogre nodded, it must have been in extreme pain, because it had a look that ogres only get, in very rare occasions. Sargon took the snare off, and I treated the wound the best I could with my magik.

After we had set the ogre free, he stood towering over us. It picked Sargon and me up, and I thought it was going to eat us. After the ogre had picked us up, he pointed at me and said, 'You, where go?' shocked, I said with a stutter 'B-Buya!' The ogre nodded, and started running towards the town we were headed for. After about a day, yes even a day at the speed the ogre was running, we saw the massive town of Buya'

Chapter 3: The Kingdom of the Winds.

Sargon and I departed from the ogre about a mile from town, so as not to cause a disturbance. When Sargon and I had reached the border of the city of Buya, we saw a massive sign on the gate. You are now entering the Kingdom of the Wind: The sign read, it was very impressive. Sargon grinned and said, 'Finally, we are here. I had not expected the journey to be this easy.' I chuckled and replied 'The ogre kept the creatures away, I might even think of hiring him as a bodyguard.' We both laughed, life seemed to be finally getting to the good parts. We traveled to the inns in the center of the city, 'Well Sargon' I said, 'I guess this is where we go separate ways, thanks for the help'. This was the first time I saw him not laughing, in fact he looked rather sad. 'Well Pat, I had a great time, but I have one question' he said. 'What's that Sargon?' I questioned him, and he replied, 'I don't think this is the end, do you?' I grinned, 'I guess not, I am thinking about buying a house around here, maybe I'll see you sometimes.' I said. That was the last time I saw Sargon for about a month. I did buy a house, though it was burned down by my magiks, not once, but thrice. Eventually, I just went to the inn every night to sleep. That is of course, when I even slept at all.

Sargon was frequently at the market in Buya. He was usually there to sell his services as a mercenary, bounty hunter, and bodyguard. He didn't get much business, and he could never find Pat. One day, I went and I found him. Like usual, Sargon was in the market, trying to find business. I calmly, and quietly, walked up behind him, tapped on his back, and said hello. Sargon was surprised and delighted to see me, for I had not seen him in a month or so. Sargon gave me some advice that I will never forget, it was simple, and a little uninspiring, but it was advice 'You're a mage right? Just join the mages guild!' It was actually pretty obvious, but it was something I was meaning to do for a while anyway.

Chapter 4: Buya: Mages guild.

I was around twenty or twenty-one before I actually joined the mage's guild, and I had the skills of a normal mage that old would have, I just wasn't officially a mage until that day. I went to the eastern gate of Buya, as I was told that's where it was around. When I looked around, I saw a building next to the gate; I figured this was it, so I entered. A man greeted me and said 'Hello! Welcome to the Arena, this is where you and other people combat for prizes!'

I was surprised; I had meant to go to the mage's guild! 'You mean, this isn't the mages guild? Then where is it?' I said. The man smiled, 'That's slightly north of here, go past the shaman's hut and you'll find it'. I gave the man my thanks and set off for it. When I reached the actual mages guild (after getting lost twice) I went in, to find only two people. I thought the mage's guild would have far more people. I asked the first person why people weren't here. 'Oh the people only come here to learn new spells! Otherwise they're out training usually,' she said. Figuring the other person would probably be the guild master; I asked him how I could join the mage's guild. He looked shocked, 'You mean you aren't a mage already? Most people join a guild when they've received five insights of experience, I think it's required by law to.' I chuckled and told him I had just arrived in this city. 'Well, you come to the guild master, that's me, of the guild you want to go to,' he said, 'there are four guilds, the Warrior's guild, the Mage's guild, that's here, the healers guild, and the Rogue's guild.' I nodded, 'to join a guild, you have to be at least five insights of experience and,' I stopped him, 'What do you mean by five insights of experience?' I asked, he smiled and said, 'When people train, they gain experience from it, and insight is when you receive a certain amount.' He answered.

So, I joined the Buyan mage's guild. I found out that I was at the 43rd level of insight when I had actually entered the mage's guild. I was able to learn many spells and my power increased greatly. I found Sargon the next day, and told him what I had learned. He laughed and said, 'That's excellent! I joined the local Warrior's guild and I am much stronger as well.' He said.

Chapter 5: Toranae

Well, it was about a year before anything real happened after I joined the Mage's guild. I hunted mythic oxen and mythic horses with groups, as did everyone, it was how people got stronger. One day, after I had gotten into a group (Which was easy because I was a Mage) and we were mid-way through the cave of mythic horses, I saw a young mage trying to fight off a herd of horses, and a very large horse that appeared to be the leader. I froze over the horses as fast as I could and rescued the younger mage, and took her back to my house to heal her. She was basically unconscious by now, and it took a few days to heal her back to health. When she awoke, three days later, it took another day just to be able to get her to talk right. She told me, 'My name is Toranae, who might you be? And how did I get here? I can only remember horses'' I chuckled a bit and said, 'I am Pat, you were surrounded by a herd of angry horses, and I saved you and took you back here.' She thanked me for it.

Toranae was a very weak mage, so I took her in as my apprentice, because I was fairly powerful by then. She told me where she was from; it turned out she grew up in a village not far from mine. We bonded instantly, and after two months, we fell in love. She was too shy to tell me, and I was the same, so it was quite a while before we were together. We were married a year later in the Arctic village, at the place called 'Lover's Lake'. I can still remember the place, and go there when I have spare time.

The marriage was the best thing in my life, all my friends came. My best friend, who had left a few years after the marriage, was there, her name is 'Lagz'. Also my other best friend BelushiGuy came, and it was truly wonderful. Although my friend Sargon could not come, (And I don't know why to this day) it was the best thing in my life.

Soon, Toranae was nearly as powerful a mage as I was (she was a fast learner) and we would hunt mythic snakes together. When we felt adventurous, we would go and hunt some ogres. That was a mistake. One day when we were hunting ogres, we found a lord ogre, more commonly known as a hill ogre. And' while I was trying to freeze it, it ran over and slaughtered my wife'

To this day, I hate ogres, and I have slain every single one of them. In fact, I have slain about two hundred sixty-four to this day.

Chapter 6: A New life

Soon after my wife's death, I didn't feel like living. Though I described little of it, we actually were married for about a year. My friend Sargon had vanished before we were married, and didn't return until a few months after she died. I was in my house, when he stumbled in the door, very bloodied up. 'Hey, uh Pat, we may have some trouble'' and then he fell unconscious.

I rolled my eyes, but shortly after, an angry human came running in the door. He appeared to be a warrior, because he was wearing a lot of armor, and had a fairly sharp sword. 'Step aside weakling,' The warrior said. I laughed, and then froze him over with one of my spells. Being fairly strong, for a mage, I pushed the warrior outside, and then cast a spell of return on him. He vanished, and I awoke Sargon.

'What was that?' I asked him. Sargon said, 'Err, well I got into some trouble in a land to the south east, I think I may have been in Han!' I laughed, and asked just how much trouble he got into, 'Well, I had to uh, 'acquire' some items for my guild' he said. I smacked my forehead. The warriors' guild forever needed items, and was too foolish not to just ask the mage's guild, which had most of them.

One day I was approached by my good friend Sargon He asked me to journey with him to the Mythic nexus To hunt Ancient Dragons with him, Needing training, How could I refuse?

We traveled to the Mythic nexus and searched around for some others to Hunt with, Nilthani and Shino joined us on our quest to slay some dragons. *Your footsteps echo, you can hear the dragons in the distance, You have never known fear, Until now* As we entered the Dragon cave we saw above us some other adventurers trying to enter the dragon's lair. "Greetings travelers." the robed man said, " We seek a group to travel with inside the dragon's caverns." We needed more fighters, how could we refuse? The day was going pretty good for me; I was finally getting a good Dragon's hunt!

*As you enter the dragon's lair You know only danger, Riches, and death can await, But which you find first?* as we entered the first room we saw, Some dragons charged at us trying to bring us down with their massive bodies, but the Fighters Charged as well, causing several bruised heads and even more broken ribs. Blow after blow the warriors struck, finally taking all Three of the dragons to the dirt. As our rogues searched around for treasures, I studied the dragon's bodies. Each of their teeth had silver and gold mixed in, I knew a man could be rich if any was strong enough to pry the teeth out, but as I knew no one that strong, we continued down the hall.

*You know danger waits, but what are you going to do? You agreed to come, You agreed to hunt* We entered what looked to be a library, Not knowing the dragons were literate, I was surprised to find so many books. As I studied the books, I found a map of what seemed to be the Lair in which we stood. *On the map you see several different markings, Such as *treasure* and *DANGER**. We continued down the hall, fighting several dragon lings as we went, we heard the dragons get closer, and closer, until we reached a room in which we saw Gold everywhere! Weapons! Armor! Scattered across the floor as if it were nothing, I would have studied the items but we heard a raging growl from across the room. *There you are, the Massive dragon lord before you, what will you do? * I could hear all the warriors gasp and the poet nearly fainted, the words of magik swept through my mind. Paralyze Venom Vex, I tried to cast them all at once. Barely able to move I casted my protective spells and Rained Inferno onto the Dragon. He seemed to be resistant to my magik. I could see the others die left and right! I ran knowing it was the only Thing I could do.

I woke up in an odd fortress with my companions... *as you explore this seemingly deserted castle you begin to see...* Bodies! There were bodies! Some human... some not.... I looked at their armor, Surprised I realized these were Nagen soldiers! and some... Koguryian! I even saw some of my comrades... Buyans! I realized these people weren't fighting each other... But some other kind of Foe. I hadn't known that the three kingdoms could unite... But there I was. I saw finally what they were fighting... some kind of Tiger-dragon Hybrid.

As we traveled further... We started sloping downwards... We came across a dungeon. Then we saw the Cells.... more of these odd creatures seem to be kept captive here.* as we traveled down the long dark hall, these things Started to yell at us. "Be wary, What ever can keep THESE captive must be strong!" Said my friends Sargon. One of the creatures was free from its cage, but didn't even try to save the others of its kind. We engaged the GrokkTar (as we later found they were called) I still wielded its twin spikes... It hit one of our fighters and he flew across the room and hit the wall (keep in mind this is a *really* long room) I attempted to paralyze the creature with my magik, I expected it to fail, But it work Quite well! I realized as strong as these creatures were, they had *NO* Magik resistance!

After I had discovered this and told my traveling band, we were able to dispatch the beast(s) much more easily! After we had slain (and looted) the ones that had escaped, we found the one guarding the cells....

*As you see the massive, what appears to be a giant, person standing in front of you... Your white clothes aren't really white anymore* RROAAARRR! The Giant screamed and rushed towards us, the fighter who had been flung against the wall, now rushed forwards and leapt in front of the giants spike, blocking it from the poet. The Poet, who would be sad for the loss of such a noble man, started healing the Fighter with all his Will. I, the only mage tried the doze the creature... it barely worked so I decided to rain inferno upon the Giant. After it had been well whacked by my magik the ((Now "shooed" off giant)) Came raging towards me, I darted out of the way and the (Quite stupid) giant hit the wall. *You stand fighting the Giant, you don't know if it would be wise to rush him, or simply let the mage finish him* Sargon, my warrior friend, decided to rush the thing. As he leapt onto the giant's head, attempting to distract it (which I might say he did VERY well) the giant turned its full (Angry) attention to him. I knew my friend was trying to buy me some time, so I cast my most powerful spell upon the fiend. Hellfire. A rush of lava and fiery death came and leapt onto the giant, My friend Sargon leapt out off of the giants back Just in time to Not be incinerated. After the Giant had been slain (and looted) We found the treasure he was guarding... Which turned out to be a portal. As we leapt through, not knowing where we would appear next....

*Suddenly you appear in a place with a lot of people... you pause, you know this place... you are in the...* Buyan market! We were teleported home by this odd portal, I was sent to the market with Sargon, (I learned later that my other companions were teleported back to Koguryo) "Sargon" "Yes Pat?" " Lets go home" I said. As we traveled home, I copied down our tale, "Treasure hunt" By Pat "Magikal" Majaski.

And that is how I began my life as Pat Majaski, Bounty hunter and mercenary.

Chapter 7: In the Army

About two years after I became a mercenary, I joined the local army. The Buyan Imperial Army (BIA) to be exact. Unfortunately, while I joined the Buyan army, my friend Sargon joined the Koguryian army. It took quite a while to get into the Imperial army, and it was a great achievement to actually get in, as not many do. It was in the army that I got quite a few friends, although few of them are alive today. One such person, was KaiTheArcher, he is still a very good friend of mine. Nearly all of the others have passed away. In the army, I was first under the Mystics division, most likely because, I'm a mage. Later, I was transferred into a new division with only a few people. This was the Iron Tigers division.

In the Iron Tigers, it was tough. Seeing as how we were the newest division, and also the most active too, we had lots of work to do. We hunted giant mantis's and ogres and to put our gains in the Army funds. I actually became a good deal stronger in these hunts.

We also held events, I actually held at least two myself. Unfortunately, the Iron Tigers were disbanded due to some conflict with the general and the officer who led our division. I wasn't very active after that, due to my division being canceled. There wasn't much to do, in my division we did many things, but now, not much. I left the army after the Iron Tigers were disbanded, because it held nothing for me. All that was left was the yelling of officers, I just needed to have a community again.

What I did, was kind of the opposite. I exiled myself to the wilderness, and there I wrote most of my life story, the rest to be written when it had happened. And this is the end of my story so far, because until I do more, I can't really write it. Fare well, and good journeys.