Nexus Biographies


Broken Hopes

This day I look back and see many things. Hopes, dreams, loss, achievements, and heartbreak. How so many twists and turns the kingdom may bring to those unexpectedly finding them.

As the chattering rabbits and baaaing sheep woke me that day, I saw a vision, that was soon swept away. The wonderful ambitions I thought I had, were followed by defeat and realization. The yawn rumbled my lungs as the cold chill blew on my back sending a rippling tingle along my fingers. The world grew colder that day, as those who find wealth and crushing other's dreams an obligation were triumphant in their countless reign of terror. If only I had been what I wanted to be, how would things change? Today how would they seem?

The world would hear the name of Mongoloid abroad. In the hills, in the inns, in Heavens with the Gods. His name would not fade like a tarnished sword, it would gleam and shine, for the all that lived to behold. Words of grace, humanity and everything good included, he would be loved and any false image would be eluded. If only Mongoloid were a host of the war. The battles he'd conjure by all would be adored. The team of blood, and the other of the dragon, they would adorn their armor with pride and crimson.

"What a fine host he is...So unbiased and gracious...Calm yet stern is actions are."

These would be words describing the sagacious man. In all his thoughts and all that is grand, he'd be fair to the townsman since it has always been his plan.

Spikes, Charms, Bloods and Surges too. Weapons everyone needs would be handed out, every winner leaving with one in their hand, without a doubt. Mongoloid would hold his staff, and let the battle begin. "Shout your color, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" These are the words of countless wounds, and ferocious might.

Some may leave with their head down. Others will leave with their hands in the air. But in the end, no one will care. All they will say, is that Carnage host gave a good display. The teams were even, the battle was intense, the man who organized it must be spent.

Because of few mistakes, and countless requirements, none looked down at the quiet man. They always skipped him and threw his application in the trash. What would things be like with Mongoloid as a Carnage host? No one will ever know. But if one day he were to be, his studious manners, punctual personality, and his unbiasty would be appeal to all that knew of him.

*Roasts more lamb upon the spit and closes his book of tales*

Never fallen