Nexus Biographies


The Life of NightFog

My life has consisted of three beginnings. So far, it has no ends, just three continuous plains of existence. The first beginning being my birth, the second my initiation into the mage life, and the third my life as a seer when I first received the visions. I was born in the spring of the thirty-ninth year of Great Yuri's reign. I grew up in a small fishing village. This village is now gone, and I seem to be the last of the people who lived there. My father and mother taught me how to do many things, and always told me that they wanted me to have a better life than they'd had. When I was still a youth, working in the village, the Sonhi rampaged through, killing all in sight. I climbed into a subterranean mole cavern of sorts and waited for it all to end. Three long days I lived in the infestuous rot, living off the rats and snakes, and drinking any ditch water that I might come upon, crying and praying to my ancestors for aid. It was during this incredibly hard time that it happened. I learned that I could do things by willing them to do so. During that time, I noticed a cat. A beautiful, sleek, sly black cat. She would catch the rats for me, in exchange for me helping her when I got out. I lived up to my word. When I got out of the tunnel, I went to the Mage guild in Buya. It was there that I was taught how to control my magical power. And, I took that cat, which I'd named Maksu, wherever I went. I trained her to be my daemon. From her primal instincts, I learned to capture a new kind of magic. I altered my name to the vernacular and ventured out into the world.

One calm, cool night, I received the first dream. It was unlike any dream I'd ever had. There was a nebulous mist, and a voice. This voice told me I had a gift. "I could see into the future." The next day I woke and I saw things more clearly than ever. It was as if a large blind had been lifted from on top of my eyes. Everything was more vivid, clearer, and strangest of all, everything I touched seemed to tell me its story. I could see where things would happen. But nothing was exact. I looked everywhere for information about this. I would ask people, only to be shunned away. I needed to know, and I would stop at nothing. I asked others, yet they turned a deaf ear. I finally consulted my guild master after trying and seeking for years. He picked up a large tome from his shelf, gave it to me, and said, "I did not know when you would be ready, but I can see it in your eyes right now. You are most definitely ready."

I read and read. In it was all I'd ever want to know about a path called the Diviners. Apparently, I've been one all my life. I didn't even know it. And I only wish I knew about it all earlier. I have dedicated my life to researching the totems and balance. Chien, Kun, Chen, Kan, Li, Tui, Sun, and Ken have helped guide me in the directions saw fit for me to follow by the Gods.

-Sin'uk Mitsu

( -NightFog-)