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The Mage Aristocracy

On an especially cloudy day in the bustling city of Buya, a lone mage sat meditating in the mage guild room of the town. He was named after the power of the night inside the mist of the fog.

He was pondering on the Alignments (Ohaeng, Kwi-sin, and Ming-Ken) when he decided that, even though mages of all the kingdoms have their differences, he would try to unite them all with a society dedicated for the mage, by the mage. This was going to be a society built for the pure enjoyment and pleasure of all, though 'twas aimed at the mages especially. It had seemed that although many societies like clans had an official power over their members, that was not needed. What was needed was a society for all mages to bond together, to be powerful, and to meet others. The mage put up his posts on the boards of the city, asking all to come join his new society. He had dubbed it the Mage Aristocracy, as it was a society based on power, wealth, and boldness. He received many negative comments from others, though a brave few were willing to join him and the brethren of the group.

A mage named after the magi of the dark came to see the creator of this group. He asked many questions, and NightFog soon inducted him into the group as the first elder. Together, they were making this society strong and gained new members. But over time, the two fell apart, going their different ways. The Mage Aristocracy was left behind, unfinished. NightFog continued to seek out the true of heart and also made new things and events for all, but it was not the same.

So, one day, as DarkMagi was walking alone in the wilds of Nagnang, he was attacked by a Forsaken soldier. The soldier had been abandoned by his general and had become quite crazy. He attacked DarkMagi with eighteen blows to his chest with a knife from the great land of Ilbon. He stole all that belonged to the now dead mage and went on.

On a humid day in the Winter, NightFog went through the same path as DarkMagi had gone a long time ago. He was going to see the mages of the area to talk to them about mysterious things that had been happening all around him. He had not spoken to DarkMagi in a long time.

All of a sudden, a man burst out of the bushes with a large knife trying to stab the lone mage. He had obviously been waiting for someone to pass. At the time that DarkMagi had crossed this land, he was less powerful than NightFog was at this moment. NightFog stopped the man in his track, paralyzing his body and attacking him with magic.

NightFog looked at the man. He had gone mad. He was obviously a soldier at one time but had gone astray from his old ways. NightFog looked at the man and noticed a ring just like DarkMagi had once had. He took the ring from the old soldier. He examined it. He knew soon that it was his old friend's ring. He commanded his attacker to show him his friend. The crazy man pointed to a tree which had a large hole inside of it.

NightFog went to the hole, and saw what he knew he never wished to see: his friend's body, lifeless.

NightFog felt a surge of a killing rage inside of him and threw the man into the air with a toss of his wrist. He destroyed the man, limb from limb, ripping off his body parts and letting the blood rain over him, drinking it in satisfaction as the payback he had never received.

NightFog soon wished to recreate the old cause of the two's meeting: The Mage Aristocracy. He found an old member, Kemal, and they met together to once again empower the old society.

In memoriam of DarkMagi.

A story told by NightFog, Lord of the Mage Aristocracy.