Nexus Biographies


My Rage

*A tattered not is cliped to the board*

'ello all,

I am Nokio,The Dragon Savage.My heart is said be that of half a Dragon's.My rage is equal to that of a Dragon as well.This is the story of My Rage and how i first recognised my rage.

-----------------------*You turn the page*---------------------------

I awoke in the morning of Yuri 55,I was laying on my bed i had made out of moss,and bear fur.I was camped near the river,like I usually was.The morning had started off like most other mornings,the birds were chirping,the beavers were playing in the water.While i was washing my face in the river i heard what sounded like Horse foot step's.As i listened more I realised that there was many horses.I quickly grabbed my War axe,and stood on guard as i watched them emerge from the tree's.

I looked up and saw a Buyan Imperial Guard staring down at me,he was about to speak when i heard a womans voice say,No dont you speak to this filth.The guard stopped and smirked as he turned his horse away.I looked over to the woman who was dismounting her horse,She stared back and said,Hey we are a little bit lsot we were wondering if you could tell us wich way to head for ka'mings Encampment.I looked at her strangely because jsut before she called me filth,and now you want my help,so i replied,Are you Crazy woman,You dishonor me in my own home and you want help,If i were you i would walk my self back to my horse and be on my way,before this "Filth" cut's you're nose off.She then smiled softly and said,Such a man of pride,i just said that so they wouldnt hang you after you gave them the directions.I replied,Them hang me*Laughs*.So are you going to help me or not?she replied.First tell me you're name.LadyMadison she said.I couldnt stop thinking about how beautiful and amazing she seemed.i saw a pouch of dies around her Moon dress,so i knew she was a muse,I gave her the directions she was looking for and she left.

*Tattered Paper*

"The meeting"

It was around 2 seasons after i had first meet LadyMadison,I was making my way twoards Buya,i needed to sell some wares,and buy some items.As i walked threw the gate of S.Buya,i immediatly saw a large crowd walking twoards the Buyan Palace.A General in the BIA was going to be making a speech on the Barbarians.I thought to my self o man i have got to hear this.So i followed the large crowd concealing my war axe for the time being cus i knew my presence here would make quite a comotion,like when most Barbarians are in public view.

It was about 2 hours after i had arrived at the Palace,and still waiting on the generals speech that i saw her,She was standin on the steps protesting against the BIA with others,i wanted to approach her and talk to her.But i was nervous she might not want to speak to me.But still i had to try,i couldnt stop thinking about her.So i went and started to walk further,i msut have been so nervous i forgot to hold my war axe under my robe,and it hung down in plain view,i passed a Buyan Imperial Guard,and he saw it and Screamed,Barbarian!Stop right there!.I immeditaly saw several guards running twoards me,I looked over twoards my Lady,and saw her waiving for me to follow her,i ran straight up the steps ajumped over the railing and followed her arpun the corner,she opened a piece of stone from the wall and told me this lead to an undergroud sewer that will bring me rgiht tot he wilderness,i stared into her eyes and she stared back,it was as if at that moment we were soul mates she leaned forward and kissed me.And then pushed me back down to the sewer,i looked up as i was falling and saw the light being covered by stone again.

When i got outside of the Buyan walls i say down to catch my breathe,and an apple hit me in the head,i looked up and there was this big fellow in the tree,i called out to him hey buddy what the hell are you doing up there.He yelled down to me and said,Im grabbing apples you idot,what else would i be doing up here?i laughed at his sarcasm and asked him to threw me one.Nokio Kron,is my name i said,and held out my hand,he reached his hand out and shook mine and said,Guerrilla,is my name my last is to long for me to prenounce so i dont use it.Now i could tell there was something special about this man Guerrilla.I asked him where his family was and a smile grew on his face and said,Man my family is huge.,I have alot of brothers and sisters,you shoudl come to our cave one night when were having a gathering,and see what you think.So i decided to do so he said they were having a gathering in tommorow so i said i would be there.