Nexus Biographies


|st Day |s

The day I was born was back in Yuri 41 in the wintertime and reigned in the town of Buya. I didn't have a father or a mother so I walked around aimlessly in the freezing cold snow with my eyes with puddles of tears building up in and gently running down my smooth baby skin. My robes were to long and I tripped and fell all over the place. My sword holder couldn't hold my sword because it was to big so my sword drug on the ground and as I was walking past Sire pit a man tramped on my sword and pushed me down into a puddle of mud. I was soaked and cold. I ran away crying and hid behind a hut near South Gate behind a tree and started to cry into my arms.

After some time hiding from people I heard a wooden door squeak open and a man coming forth crunching in his moccasins toward me. As they got louder and louder I stood up ready to run from him because I thought he was going to harm me. As he rounded the corner I sprang up and went to run but this man dressed in a Green garb who had very dark skin and jet black hair and he braided it to a pony tell that led halfway down his back. In a deep sincere voice he told me in an alarmed voice " What are you doing out in this cold wicked weather" and I replied in a loud shaky voice " I-I-I came here to h-h-hide f-from the mhm-men who h-uurt me." He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me inside his house. He bent down near this black square in the wall and lit up the black rocks inside with a candle and a fire arose. He told me to get near it, but not to near, to get warmed up and that he would be right back. He ran to a Tailor to get me some new robes to keep me warm that actually fit me. He gave me a towel to dry off with and I put on my new robes and sneezed. I rubbed my red nose and started to weep. "What is that Sir?" I said "You have a cold my boy, it'll go away with time" then he handed me a cup of lukewarm tea.

Later that day I got enough courage to speak to the man and ask him his name, it was Jadespear. He taught me many things about all the lands and their history. He taught me how to fish, buy and sell items to the butcher, where to find weapons and armor, how to kill animals while in a group and many other aspects of a normal life here in Buya and Koguryo. He made me laugh and made me feel like a boy with his parents. As I stepped to the window I stood on my tiptoes and let out a grunt, I put my little fingers on the window seal and pulled my nose slightly above it. It started to get foggy but I noticed that the sky was turning different color and I knew night was coming, so I finished my cup of tea and picked up the things he made for me. I was walking out the door and he grabbed me by the left shoulder and got on his knee and asked me " Son where are you going?" I looked at him with an eyebrow bent above the other one with a look of question on my face. "What did you call me Jadespear" he said "Son" you are my son now Odin, and I am your dad." I ran towards him and dropped my weapon and armor and ran with open hands and he bent on one knee and had his hands spread and we hugged each other and cried.

That was my first day of my life in the Kingdoms. I am now a well-rounded Warrior in skills of everything I want to do. Thanks to my dad Jadespear.