Nexus Biographies


My biggest mistake...

*A pale light is shown above a lowly peasant for a moment then fades* So, there I stood. I was unaware of what happened at the time, so I continued on with my daily routine of sweaping the stones outside of Songs's pride, the Buya Poet's guild. I had never expected the angels to give me this blessing, but when Song went to pay me for my services, he noticed a strange colour in my eye. I had ascended, unknowingly, to a point past my lowly peasant stage. I had been given the quickening, a rush of full experiance showing me a light that had not been seen in my bloodline for quite sometime.

Song rushed me to his inner sanctum, and explained to me what had happened. The heavens blesses specific members of the community with a power to change their own destiny. I was given this power. With a brief ceremony, Pond bestowed to me the power of a poet, the art of healing. I was on my way to make a name of myself, for I could now done the special robes once forbidden to be worn by my kind.

What made this more special was at the time I was just eight years old. No one had ever been given such a blessing at such a young age, and Song found it to be more of a blessing, but a calling.

So, there I stood that night, glowing with pride of my accomplishment, when I was abruptly disturbed by a strange noise in the backwoods by my parents humble home. I approached the back of my house, and there I found a young man, a Rogue, laying in his own filth and blood, gasping for air. With a few quick movements of my hands I mended his wounds, and asked him what had damaged him so greatly. The rogue was a bit cautious to say what exactly had given him his deep flesh would, but did explain that he would need my help to defeat this creature.

Now, normally I would of declined, but now being the 'all mighty poet' - I called myself that for just one day - I rushed into the backwoods with him, no questions asked.

Not 50 paces from my home we ran into what he had been fighting, a rather odd looking tiger. The Rogue asked for me to protect him, and I offered him a spell to bless his armor. The rogue charged in, violently swinging his Steel dagger. The tiger took charge, and in just three swift bites, put the rogue out of comission.

So, there I stood, starring this tiger right in it's own pale green eyes. Afraid to make any movement, I quickly threw up a barriar to prevent it from getting closer, but it just kept pacing back and forth, eyeing me. Those thirty seconds had to be the most fearful of my entire natural life. There I was, on the brink of death, and all I could do was prevent it for a mere thirty seconds.

My time had ended. As fast as my barriar fell, the tiger pounced, and without so much as a struggle, I fell. I had entered the spirit world, and from there, there is no return. Just above my tattered corpse I floated, watching the Tiger tear my natural body limb from limb, enjoying every piece of flesh as if he had never eaten in his lifetime.

As I proceded to approach an eerie light, a strange creature came twords me. I peered closer at it comming closer, and noticed strange wings on her back. Following her were two others, wings and all.

They revealed themselves to be faeries, and explained that I had a better purpose in life, and that dying to this tiger was against what fate had in store for me. The faeries gave me a choice: live forever in the divine protection of the heavens, or fufil destiny and live forever as a child back on Terra. I chose the second, being the child I was. I thought eturnal life in that current form would be most apealing. With that, the faeiries brought my soul back to my war-torn body, and breathed life back in it's lungs.

I stood up, staring the tiger down, and with as quickly as the tiger took me out, I did the same to him with a firey light.

So, here I am today, telling you of my first day as an aisling. I hope that my now biggest mistake has entertained and informed you.

Eturnal Child