Nexus Biographies


..My greatest Defeat

"Grandpa, please share a story"

"I have only a short time with you. My son, what do you wish to gain from my stale words? I teach you nothing. You must learn life's greatest lessons on your own. As my dying wish, bring forward a tale."

"But grandpa, I am only a child, I do not know the way of the fighter. I'm not fierce like you and papa. What fascinating story could I possibly present to you?"

Grandpa said nothing so I traveled down our path and into town. I picked up my sword and gathered my armor.

I was very frustrated and could think of nothing. Soon I realized our river was where our sweet muses went for inspiration. I could smell the jasmine and thyme, I sat near the water's edge and looked into the pale jade water, 4 small fish slowly come near a large rock. I followed them, and they led me to a large cave. I remembered my grandpa's face as he enforced my bravery. I removed my sword from my belt and entered.

Inside was amazing, it was dark but I could see, the ground was moist and the walls were cold and the ceiling was covered in moss. It was eerily quiet, I passed a large boulder and from behind it lunged a small boar. I had the urge to flee but I defeated the animal quicker and more easily than I had expected. I started to feel confident, secure, and very safe. I was collecting meat, and felt stronger as I crept deeper into the cave. Venturing into a tiny hole, I crawled through a small tunnel, and I was in another room of the cave, this place was more petrifying then any other place I had been told about.

"Leave this place, I wish for no challenge at this time, my treasure is safely guarded, be warned weak peasant."

Treasure? There was no doubt that my grandfather would be satisfied with this story of struggle and reward. I pressed on, took a few steps forward and the sun shone on my face.

"Leave I say!! You refuse my order, I'll take your life!"

When I rejected to step down I heard a dragging noise come closer. Soon a most foul and bulky creature was standing before my eyes. He was ugly, and alone, I could not help feeling sorrow for him. He warned me once more and moved his fat fists towards me. It all happened so suddenly but soon I was a spirit and my all the meat was at my feet.

I rushed into town and asked the local shaman, Storm to give me life. I needed her to follow me, but she was old and hardly left her hut. I was desperate for somebody's help.

"Do you need some help?" A little monk stepped uncomfortably close. I refused the assistance because I was convinced I could do it alone. I ran back to the cave, to the little tunnel not aware of the little monk shortly behind.

"Leave this place, I wish for no challen..O! Back 'gain so soon?"

Faster the pig approached and he struck me again, but this time I did not die. What was going on? The little monk showed her face and smiled.

"You are not worthy of my treasure! You only anger me, making me fight ruthlessly!"

The pig turned to dust and from his hand, money and a helmet, it all fell to the floor. I quickly gathered it and looked over at the little monk, still smiling.

"Thank you." I offered her some money, her clothes were torn and she carried no weapon.

"Do not thank me, thank your self" she was smiling.

"I would have died without you."

"I believe you learned a vital lesson today.." The vision of the monk left my mind and I focused my eyes back on grandpa.

"Continue! What did the little monk say?" he wanted to finish the story.

"Do not let pride get in the way of success, do not be afraid to seek help in gaining accomplishments. Remember this, you will defeat any beast in the future, just remember, this pig is only the beginning."

Grandpa smiled and told me I would once be like him. Grandpa also said he had defeated that boar avenger and he told me to prepare for many more in the future. Grandpa passed away later that day happily knowing I was following his steps.