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Story of Pyro

The Eternal Flame

Ahhh, how does this story start again, oh yes now I remember...

Approximately thirty-five years ago in the kingdom of Maygin far, far away from the great country of Nagnang, I was born into this world. My name is Kamek Astalos, that day when I was born a great feast was held to celebrate the coming of a great wizard named Manduin. It was written that upon his arrival a child of destiny would be born who would fallen in Manduin's footsteps by becoming a Wanderer who would leave the kingdoms and gather information about other countries. His meeting was actually supposed to have been a week earlier but he knew that if the child truly was the one of destiny that it would know that he would be late. Strangely enough I was the only baby born that day.

As I grew I had no idea that Manduin was watching every move I made, observing my progress. When I was the age of five, the wizard came knocking at our door...

'Hello' called the mysterious voice of Manduin. My mother quickly went to the door to see who it was. Upon opening the door she realized that it was Manduin and he was about to take away her child.

'Greetings, Manduin, whatever is it that you want?,'

'You know what I want,' replied Manduin.

'Yes of course you are here for my son, how silly of me but why have you come so soon, it seems as though he has not been here for even a day since we first met you.'

'I have been observing Kameks skills for quite some time now, and it appears that he is now ready for my training. It is much sooner than I expected but I shall learn to adapt and you should to.'

'I suppose..., Kamek come here!'

'Yes mother?'

'It seems that the day has finally come were you will leave us. This man is...'

'I know who he is mother, he is Manduin the Wanderer.'

'Ahhh, a very smart child Mrs. Astalos. It seems that even I have not seen all of his power. Now Kamek you must come with me.'

Now for the sake of time I will not mention the goodbyes, the crying etc. that occurred before my parents would finally allow me to leave.

For the next ten years I trained in the castle of Manduin, honing my already impressive skills. Although the child of destiny was expected to have knowledge of magic, it was but the smallest part of becoming the Wanderer. I however decided that I would evolve my magic and academic skills like Manduin unlike past Wanderers who were mostly fighters. I learned of my job to go to the other countries gather information about them and then when my time as Wanderer is up I would return to Maygin and choose the next Wanderer.

Neither me nor Manduin could predict what would happen on the eve of me fifteenth birthday. The KOTA (Knights of the Apocalypse) had begun siege on the kingdom and were slaughtering hundreds of men, women and even children. The KOTA were savages from the land of Beaouse who were engaging in what they called the fight against the coming of the Apocalypse. They believed that the world was entering the Kali Age. I asked Manduin what the Kali Age was exactly and rather than explain it to me he gave me a book. Upon blowing the dust off the covering the words The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology. (( It read as follows: (I took some parts out due to what I deem to offensive.


The End of the Kali Age (India)

The Kali Age (the fourth age) will be upon us when:

1. All the rulers occupying the earth will be wanting in tranquility, strong in anger, taking pleasure at all times in lying and dishonesty, and prone to taking the paltry possessions of others.

2. Some people will follow these customs, and become undisciplined barbarians vigorously supported by the rulers in power.

3. Money alone will confer nobility.

4. Power will be the sole definition of virtue.

7. Falsehood will win out in disputes.

8. Praiseworthiness will be measured by accumulated wealth.

9. Impropriety will be considered good conduct, and only feebleness will be reason for unemployment.

10.Boldness and arrogance will become equivalent to scholarship.

11.Only those without wealth will show honesty.

12.A bath will amount to purification.

13.To be well-dressed will signify propriety.

14.The destruction of the world will occur because of this departure from virtue, little by little, day by day.

The End (Apocalypse): (The end of the fourth age)

When the earth's surface is for the most part wasted, there will arise a dreadful drought that lasts for a hundred years. The imperishable Visnu will adopt the form of Rudra and act in order to destroy all creatures. Permeating the seven rays of the sun He will drink up all the waters of the three worlds (the heavens, earth, and the underworld) and completely dry up the earth's surface. Then due to his power those same seven rays will become seven suns, which will ignite all three worlds, above and below, along with the underworld. The three worlds will be covered by a frightful tornado of flame; all things moving and unmoving will be consumed by these flames. So then when Rudra has consumed all creation, He will produce from the breath of his mouth elephantine clouds which will fill up the sky, roaring loudly. Pouring down rain they will extinguish the dreadful fires that have overtaken the three worlds. And when the fire is thoroughly quenched, the clouds will continue raining day and night until everything movable and immovable has perished in the watery darkness. These vast clouds will pour down rain for one hundred years until a single ocean completely covers the three worlds. Then will Visnu in his form as Rudra blow from his mouth a wind that will make the clouds disappear, though it takes one hundred years to do this. At the end of this destruction, Visnu, unborn, having awakened, will take the form of Brahma in order to create the next age.

It amazed me of what the that such a thing could ever happen. It appeared as if the KOTA believed that only they could prevent the apocalypse and were trying to rid the world of people, which they believed would bring upon the Kali Age. In the end I was captured by the KOTA after their battle in Maygin. They believed that only the most important people who could help the new world, such as wizards, scholars and doctors could live so that their new world can grow in prosperity. I never saw Manduin after that, but I presume he is still alive somewhere.

I lived with the KOTA for seven years learning their ways. At first I rejected their views but somehow I found myself believing what they were saying was true. I believed that the Kali Age had already started. My head filled with visions of the Apocalypse and began to change. I had become different from what I was before. Some may say that I was evil but to be truly evil you must oppress others, no I was not evil I was merely pretending I was. It seemed as if my old past did not matter anymore now that my morals changed so I decided to shed my old name in favor of Pyro which symbolized the fire burning in my body The KOTA freed me so that I as a scholar may teach others about the Kali Age and the Apocalypse. However I believed it could not be stopped and telling people would not help at all but would in fact cause unnecessary worrying.

After traveling across the world for twelve long years I came to a mysterious forest. When I entered my body felt strange as if it were being ripped apart from the inside. my clothes began to tear my staff shattered and all my belongings had disappeared, luckily the books I had written about my travels were still intact... I had entered the Nexus. I took the trial that was set out for me by various merchants and I saw that I was not the only one there. I earned a wooden saber, spring garb and the spell soothe.

After training I lived in the city of Buya, I became a mage their because I yearned to relearn all the spells I had forgotten. The people however alienated me and in some cases even fought with me met me, just because I was an outsider. I could not stand this any longer so I moved to the wilderness where I lived in harmony. During my stay in the wilderness I came across a place known as the Artic Land, that is were are learned of the Kwi-Sin alignment. I became a Kwi-Sin because I knew that I could never forgot the horrors that had happened in my life so I decided to embrace it. Maybe someday I can finally resolve my past but I will forever walk the path of a Kwi-Sin

In my heart I loved to be around people but until I knew more about the land of Kugnae, Buya and surrounding areas I would not leave. One day while traveling in the wilderness south of Kugnae I found the land of Nagnang. Upon my arrival the people of Nagnang greeted my but seemed apprehensive. At first I did not understand their apprehensiveness but then to my horror I saw a warrior from Buya attacking a poor defenseless Nangen Boy Immediately increased the strength of the boys armor, his speed and his attack power, and then healed him. The person attacking the boy threatened me but could not do anything since the Nagnang guards had arrived. After that incident I decided to move to Nagnang and study it's people and help them when they need me. I learned of the battles Nagnang had with the other countries, the stories on which Nagnangs gates were opened foolishly by Prince Kija. Then while I was reading I learned of the man named Blight who had been betrayed by everyone he knew including his 'allies' the Sonhi who murdered his men in the invasion of Buya. Once he helped free the people of Buya they still hated him. After reading this it reminded me of my own meeting with the people of Buya and Kugnae...


Eternal Flame