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Apocalypse Wars

Timeline Yuri 45-Yuri 46

During the spring of Yuri 45 I was contacted by a strange mage known as Majik by telepathy. He told me that a great disturbance had occurred in my hometown Azura and that I must meet him at Dae Shore to learn more. Upon meeting with Majik I learned that he was not from the lands of Nexus. As many may remember from my past story about how I came to Nexus that in Azura there are no paths or subpaths because you are what you are. In Majik's case he was a Seer which is like a diviner. He told me that the gods of my kingdom were becoming restless. Upon looking into the future he discovered that the dreaded Apocalypse Wars would begin again...

In legend a mighty cataclysm befell the earth and two beings rose from it rose from its ashes. They were Omega the god of planets and Mantalister the Supreme Being. Omega soon created his four deities, Enilil, Loki, Sila and Aegir ((all names taken from various cultures from around the world)). Loki the deity of fire began to fight with Aegir the god of water whom tried to destroy Loki by extinguishing his 'eternal flame'. He also fought Sila the god of winds whom he battled because he had an advantage over Sila because the winds of Sila would spread his flames. Loki formed an alliance with Enilil because Enilil was the god of rock and could defeat Aegir. The deities continued fighting and began destroying the world in their massive battles. Meanwhile Mantalister had created Asista the goddess of all-living things and Anarchia the goddess of power.

Mantalister became infuriated by the four deity's destruction of the earth and decided he would put a stop to this. Omega however wished his 'children' to survive and protected them. Asista helped Mantalister gain an advantage over Omega and the deities but Anarchia had betrayed them and joined Omega. Mantalister immediately used his powers to contain Anarchia's powers. The mortals of the world tired of the gods fighting and used a spell to contain the four deities, which were the center of the destruction in a crystal. After the deities were captures the winds died down, fires and floods stopped and Earthquakes ceased everything was well again...

Majik told me that Loki had been freed by a mysterious group of fire worshippers and that his ally, Enilil was also freed in the process. Now Majik foresaw that Omega after thousands of years was still angry at his creations for being defeated. He would then go to Mantalister to ask for help but Mantalister would not. Omega would then enlist the help of Anarchia to defeat his creations. Once again Mantalister and Asista would become allies and fight against Omega and Anarchia who would also fight Loki and Enilil. The Apocalypse wars would begin again!

I asked why he had come to me. He told me that I could help him prevent the war from beginning again. Upon questioning him further he more or less repeated the same thing over and over again. We soon began are journey across the lands and it was not long before we reached are destination, Azura!

Azura was in a state of panic as the knights of the kingdom along with the wizards, assassins and healers tried to defeat the evil minions of Loki and Enilil. Upon seeing this I knew it was just the beginning.

After meeting with the king of Azura, Vince he instantly recognized me as the young twenty year old warrior he had once new and had become a even more skilled warrior at the age of 22. He told me that he was grateful that I had come in the kingdoms time of need. I told him to call upon all the people of the kingdoms.

Once everyone had gathered and we had all been introduced to each other Majik told them what he had told me. The people began to feel frightened that all their efforts to defeat Loki and Enilil were in vain because they knew they could never win before Omega attacked.

For about 3 weeks I began thinking how to solve the problem and came to one conclusion, that our only chance of survival would be to fight back but we needed a much more organized strategy than to just charge at the deities...

Spies brought new information to me and the king. They told us that Loki and Enilil were hiding on Infinity Mountain and were planning for a full-scale invasion on our land. I decided it would be best to go to the mountain and try to defeat the deities. Before I had a chance to leave I was contacted by Maduin, a very powerful sorceress. She told me that she had found a way to contain Loki and Enilil within the crystal again. She told me that she would accompany me on my journey to Infinity Mountain. I gathered up my Cursed blade, Nagnang shield, Titanium Gloves and Chung Ryong helmet and set out towards the mountain.

It took us 5 whole days to venture up the mountain. Once we finally reached the top, we were attacked! The creatures were unbelievably strong. Maduin casted snow storm instantly freezing my opponents. After defeating a few creatures more came up in their place, Maduin fought hard to keep all of them frozen but was quickly over powered by their sheer numbers. I hacked my way through the hoards of monsters until I reached Maduin I used my slash technique to finish off the monsters but I could quickly feel my Vita running low. Seeing no other choice Manduin casted her most powerful spell, storm which brought upon a magnificent display of the power of the five basic elements, air, fire, earth, water and lightning. Maduin dropped to her knees she had no more power to help me. She told me that she would need at least 10 minutes to recover.

As I waited I began to feel extremely hot and suddenly I felt as though I was being burned from my insides. Suddenly Loki appeared in one swift movement he used his Wild Fire spell to quickly weaken me. The fires burned all around me and Loki came at me with fury in his eyes. I raised my Cursed blade to deflect his Fire sword. As I battled I could see Maduin slowly began to regain her power and she started casting the spell of entrapment. Loki was quickly wearing me down, as my Spirit of the Dragon was nothing compared to his fury. My shield began to weaken as well as my body I could feel my spirit losing its grip on the mortal realm. My only hope was that Maduin would be able to finish the spell before I was defeated.

My hopes were soon trampled on as an earthquake struck with tremendous force Enilil had arrived. As I fought I could vaguely make at the shape of Enilil and Maduin fighting. Knowing that Maduin had a much better chance of defeating Enilil with her wind magic I brought my attention back to my own battle. I tried to keep my vita up by casting Lifesong. As the battle seemed even more hopeless I was finally able to strike Loki with my Cursed blade and curse was immediately cast on him. I quickly used slash before he could counter attack and I was able to mortally wound him. He began to charge at me but was stopped by Maduin's freeze spell. It seemed that Maduin was able to temporarily freeze both Loki and Enilil. She told me that Loki had to be weakened more before she could contain him in the crystal. I slashed through Loki several times and finally he was weak enough to be contained. Maduin began casting the spell and Loki pushed me aside and charge at her but he was to late. A bolt of pure energy hit him and he was contained within the crystal along with Enilil.

Our duties fulfilled we returned to Azura were the masses were waiting to congratulate us. I decided I would stay for another week before I set out for Nexus again. The day came when I had to say goodbye to all of my friends and family. I was begged to stay but I decided it would be best for me to return to Nexus so that I may complete my legend their and protect its people. I then began my treacherous journey back to Nexus and I have remained here ever since...


Eternal Honor

Chongun Soldier