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The Crystal Ball Tells All

A while ago I made a 35 day long journey to the impressive lands of the Sonhi searching for an ancient legend. Unfortunately during the expedition I met up with an unfortunate mishap. While traveling through the woods looking for some temple (never did find the bloody thing) I was attacked by some hostile natives. I quickly grabbed for my sword but a powerful diviner was able to paralyze me. Needless to say I was not very happy about the situation. I was sent to the dungeons or rather the little hut that they so kindly put aside to lock me up in.

That night the diviner came to me and under her arm was a crystal ball! When I asked her about the ball she just laughed and called me a foolish warrior. She then proceeded to chant in some mysterious tongue. I listened intently but just as I started understand a flash lit the room up. The crystal ball began to omit a strange light indescribable in human terms. I felt the light seep into my soul and collect my innermost thoughts. The ball began to project my whole life within the blink of an eye. The diviner's eyes began to cloud over as he began to mutter something about dark forces. She quickly gathered many items, which seemed to have just appeared in the hunt and began to utter an incantation. As she spoke the crystal ball began to darken and the color it omitted began to darken as while and break free from it's own reality and into our own. The color could now be defined and it was black, pitch black.

I awoke the next morning to see that I was still in the hut and the Diviner had left. My shackles had apparently broken. I got up hastily and peeked out of my tent. As I did so the natives pointed at me and started yelling the noble warrior has arrived. Feeling like I was more at home with them I asked them were the diviner had gone. They told me that the diviner had left to find her crystal ball, which strangely disappeared. They also revealed that the diviner told me that I was some great warrior who had come to rid the darkness, which was held within the crystal ball. Finally they said the diviner was expecting to meet me at noon by the waterfall in the west were she would explain what happened last night.

So I began my journey to the waterfall, but as usually fate did something cruel and brought a gang of bandits into my life. One minute I was walking down the path and the next twenty gleaming swords surrounded me. Not in the best of moods I quickly fought them of as they came screaming at me. Cling, clang, swoosh, slice, SPLAT, the fight was over and before me lied twenty bandits. Happy with my quick work I continued on a little uplifted in my spirits.

After that brief distraction I finally made it to the waterfall, where the diviner appeared to be none to happy. She revealed I was one hour late, glancing up to the sun I realized she was correct. She continued to finally reveal her name, Isabelle and she also told me what the crystal ball told her. Apparently it showed her that I was a skilled warrior and had the power to help vanquish the darkness within itself. Unfortunately the crystal ball revealed its darker side well I was chained up. The crystal ball therefore I concluded may know many things but sometimes does things without thinking. Any way the Isabelle at the time was trying to gather items so that she could make the crystal ball entrap the darkness once again. After telling me this she then took out the ball once again which shone brighter than ever before but it was actually quite a sad brightness (once again, impossible to explain) probably because it felt bad about letting the darkness free. Isabelle then proceeded to hold out the crystal ball and yelled out reveal. Seeming like a simple spell I did not know what to expect. The ground began to shake and then a bolt of lightning whizzed through the sky into the waterfall. An opening began to appear and from it a cold wind blew.

Isabelle told me that she was able to trap the darkness in the cave but I most go in there and use defeat the darkness (who would have guessed that one). I prepared for my trek by casting my various spells to give me power but as I was ready to go she gave me the crystal ball and told me that it could help me make it through alive.

So here I am in the cave fighting off an almost unimaginable amount of bats and being bitten quite badly by the rats that flourished on the cave ground and I had only made one step into the cave. Using my extensive repertoire of sword maneuvers and good old brutal slashing I finally made it a little further into the cave. Approximately seven steps, I then realized, hey this is going to take a long time. Holding up the crystal ball I tried to think of something that I could say to make it do something about my predicament. Hocus pocus, Alakazam, Abracadabra, finally I just said kill all the bats and rats you useless piece of junk! Ok now the rats and bats are gone at last and I'm staring mindlessly at the crystal ball and in the distant background I could hear Isabelle furiously shouting at me to hurry up so I did. It was quite an easy hike and in no time I found myself in a... dark chamber, go figure.

I say the only thing that comes to mind, illuminate and a bright flash fills the area. The brightness did not last long though, approximately long enough for me to see a freakishly big eye. I could fell the thing gripping on to me tightly. I was able to break free one hand and stabbed the thing with my cursed blade. It shrieked horribly and sent me flying. I quickly thought of a word to say so that the crystal ball would help me. My train of thought was abruptly interrupted as I hit the wall. Then it came to me; I should have said stop, oh well too late now I thought. Luckily my Earth Tiger Mail absorbed most of the shock. I told the crystal ball to vanquish the beast but apparently it was not within the balls power. Feeling a little discouraged I decided to take care of the creature the old fashioned way and charged towards it unleashing a series of slashes sidesteps and lunges. In the darkness I could not tell if I had hurt the creature much but after he sliced through my Earth Tiger Mail I realized it still had some fight left in it. Knowing I needed time to dawn my Star Scale Mail I quickly order the crystal ball to create a wall as I quickly equipped myself with the armor. I waited within the wall powering up my mana and vita so that I could deal some serious damage to the beast. Before reaching my full power the wall was destroyed and the creature quickly cut a gash in my leg and as I fell over it stepped on me and prepared to administer the deathblow to me. Unfortunately for him he could not match my speed as I pulled out one of my Fine Steel Daggers and pinned its leg to the ground. I struggled free and with my now full vita and mana, I unleashed several slashes and then drove my Cursed Blade deep into the creature. I could tell that the weapon had cast curse upon the thing, using this to my advantage I raised the Cursed Blade one more time and cut through its massive eye.

Tired I felt as if I was lying on air and soon realized I was as I was being lifted out of the cave and through its ceiling. I dropped to the ground at the base of the waterfall and saw Isabelle staring up at the sun. She turned around and told me that I had defeated the darkness and the crystal ball could now use its full power. After talking before we said goodbye she told me that the crystal ball could help me with my search. I asked her what search? The search for the Anesia Legend of course she told me and further explained that the crystal ball told her of my search when we first met. I was told that the Legend could be found in the mountains of Ordasisane. Finally we said are goodbyes and I continued on my journey, knowing now the true power of a crystal ball.


Eternal Honor

Chongun Constable