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Fire Brothers

In the beginning their was twelve. These twelve did not follow any path of life but were merely the basis of all people. They created the great cataclysm that would eventually lead to the birth of the gods and the Apocalypse Wars.

This legend has been passed down for generations in my homeland of Azura. The legend may not apply to those who live elsewhere or even those who just do not believe. The twelve themselves are not important the fact that the world began with them emphasizes the fact that everything begins with something. A child's life begins as they take their first breath, a plants life begins at the moment it grows and air begins as something else. No two things begin at the same time but like the mysterious twelve there was another exception...

The fact has bean established in The Story of PyroAce that I was born into a humble farming family and learned of honor by Ace. This was my destiny but at the exact same time I was conceived and took my first breath another also began its life. This person is an anti-me if you will he thinks completely different then me and is generally the opposite. He was born in Beaouse, which is also located in the same country as Azura, Abzana. The fact that we began at the same time is amazing enough but nowhere in the legends does it say that we would be different, in fact it says we should be exactly the same and follow the same destiny. My nickname is PyroAce and as some people know I was named this because I spread Ace's ideas around like a fire. Strangely enough the other child was born from the fires of the mortal world themselves and is only known as Pyro.

In Yuri 47 I was returning from the Apocalypse War in my country when I got lost. Soon enough I was able to find some familiar landmarks which to be honest doesn't take a genius to notice I saw leviathans. I knew I had come to the land of Nagnang were I had completed my warrior trial 2 Yuri's ago. I decided it would be best to rest at one of the inns in the city but they kicked me out. I wandered around Nagnang trying to find the warrior guild in hopes that they may allow me to stay in their hall. On my way there I saw three travelers attacking a Nagnang guard. I started to try and stop them when suddenly a swirling ball of fire appeared around the guard and I realized it was a Kwi-Sin heal spell. After I saw the form of a man covered in red attacking the adventures. I wanted to protect the guard but did not want the people attacking him to get hurt either so I decided I would try and hold the mage down. I charged towards him but couldn't make it since he was able to blind me. Although I could not see I could fell him casting his spells on me. I was able to break free and attack him. I sliced through his earth clothes and caused a wound on his chest. I looked back to see the guard and the people gone.

Upon asking what he was doing the mage replied that he was protecting the people of his hometown. I asked him his name and he did not tell me instead he spat on me and told me to get lost and never come to Nagnang again. I am usually a calm soul but I could not take his disrespect and told him that he had made a grave mistake and had made a truly powerful enemy.

Time passed on and in the summer of Yuri 47 I found myself in the mythic dog cave fighting for my life. I had almost achieved my goal of collecting one hundred ambers, then I saw something that brings dread to everybody just seeking a peaceful hunt in a mythic cave, the Mythic Dog. I prepared for the worst but found it was not attacking me at all instead it went after a skeleton which appeared behind me. The skeleton blinded the dog, vexed it and poisoned it. I decided I did not want the dog anyways so I just resumed my hunt but out of the corner of my eye I could see several dogs appearing and attacking the skeleton. I went to help but he told me to get lost warrior, I of course told him no because I could sense his mana and vita depleting. As the battle came to an end I stood there in the middle of several ambers and a red mage lying on the floor. I took hold of him and used my yellow scroll.

The mage was badly hurt so I left him in the care of the village keeper in the wilderness. I went out to hunt some food. When I returned I was surprised to see that the mage had fully recovered and he was in fact the mage I saw at Nagnang. He had some how changed he began talking to me and was generally nice. I decided against asking his name because of what happened last time but he could see that I wanted to know. He told me his name was Pyro, and I introduced myself as PyroAce. After that we became friends but we still hated each other deep inside because of how we achieved our goals. I attempted to talk things through and if needed come up with a sensible battle strategy in order to conquer my enemies. Pyro on the other hand rushed in and killed everything who angered him...

The ogres are one of the strongest creatures living in the Nexus and it is in their caves were I learned that me and Pyro were conceived at exactly the same time. I was hunting with a rogue and a mage; we were seeking the treasured Star Staff, Steelthorn and Electras. I soon became separated from my group and came across a strange stone. As I touched it I could feel a strange presence in my mind. It told me that it was time for me to learn of the bond between me and Pyro. It told me to bring Pyro to it so that it may begin a ritual that would forever tie our souls together. I tried asking why but the presence quickly left.

I brought Pyro back to the stone and it told him everything it told me. Pyro did not trust the stone and wished to know why but it would not say.

'I will not go through some ritual unless you tell me why it must happen!' Pyro shouted.

'Now is not the time to reveal that but believe me you will be in grave danger if you do not,' replied the stone speaking to both of us through are minds.

'I know all to well of what things may do to get what they need. I believe that once this ritual is preformed you will gain something from it and all I wish to know is what.'

Then there was silence.

'Now your true colors are revealed. I have found out that you will gain something from this ritual. And now I shall destroy you, so that you may not lure anyone else into your little trap.' With that Pyro called upon all his spells and attacked the stone with all his power. The stone soon began to radiate. I decided that now would be a good time to leave and grabbed Pyro by his earth clothes and practically dragged him out of the room. Behind us I saw a flash of light and then the darkness came. It was not like darkness when there is no light it is the darkness that can only be found in the most evil entities. A voice boomed around us telling us that we should have done what it said. We rushed through the darkness and were soon confronted by a foul beast. It stood as almost as if it was a statue. It would be impossible for me to describe it to anyone for I believe it had no real shape that I could see.

'You wish to leave this place do you not?' said a voice. It sounded like, like... Well it sounded evil anyway.

'Of course,' I replied, 'If you might be so kind as to show us the way.'

'The ritual it must be preformed. Your friend is fading.'

I looked behind me and I saw Pyro being engulfed by the darkness. I rushed to his aid but he held me back with some strange magic he never used before. Suddenly I could see something appear in his hand, it was a staff.

'It is almost too late.'

'Why did the stone not tell us this would happen?'

'You can not know your own destiny. It is for you to find out for yourself. Pyro's destiny is to rise up and become an evil warlock. In his hands he holds the Staff of Power, which is quite possibly one of the strongest staffs ever made. It is said that one born in fire will be the one to have the staff. But unfortunately two were born instead of one and destiny rolled the dice to see who would get the staff.

'But I was not born in fire, I was conceived as most children are.'

'No you are wrong there was something different but like your destiny you must find out your past as well. Right now that does not matter. At this time I am uncertain of what to do. I was told that your souls must be tied together in order for the legend to be complete but I am unaware of what to do now. Perhaps if you can hold him still while touching him I can perform the ritual.'

'What will happen to the staff?'

'I believe it will break but I am not entirely sure. Only one person can have it so it is only reasonable to assume that no one will have it if there are two worthy people who can have it.'

'I have one final question before I do what you say. How come I follow Ming-Ken and he is a Kwi-Sin?'

'To make it, as clear as possible I will tell you this. Through out time legends have been discovered and we base all of are believes on them. But just because a legend says that you and Pyro should be the same does not mean you will be. You both are making your own destinies and have traveled two different roads to get were you are today.'

'I shall do it then.'

I lunged towards Pyro and used all my strength to get through his force field. I grabbed the staff and felt raw untamed power flow through my veins. He knocked my off and cast a powerful fire spell on me. I got up and slashed at his staff and was able to get hold again. This time I held on tight and I could see the pain going through Pyro's eyes and I believe that similar pain could be see in mine. There was a sudden flash.

I felt unbearable heat. Me and Pyro stood side by side in a raging inferno. The flames engulfed us and we faded from consciences and woke up as though it was a dream. I got up and saw the stone again. As it started to phase out of existence it told me that the ritual was complete. Me and Pyro had become Fire Brothers. It told us that from now on we shall know what the other one is thinking and feel each other's pain. All hatred for each other was torn form our souls.

After that life continued on and I kept fighting and so did Pyro. For some reason we never saw each other that much but always knew what the other was doing...

((If you must know Pyro is my other character, which is basically how I was able to actually make a story which contains two people from the Nexus world. Please comment on my story.))


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