Nexus Biographies


Forever Gone

As I look back today, I look at what I've done and how far I have made it since coming to land of the Nexus. I go to bed at night and can not wait to rise and shine as a new day begins. I remember the lives and deaths of many great friends in the Pirate attacks and Mythic Wars. Even the sickly King Yuri caused a great deal of pain as people strived to help the great ruler. I even stand here within my circle, the Chongun Circle remembering the trials, which I had to complete, and the unlocking of my heart to show me that I am a true Chongun. I have heard stories, which happened before my time being told in whispers and shouts. My mentor Ace told me of the Nagnang war in which so many people lost their lives. I have been told of the battles waged between the gods Grin and Kismet. From those who survived I have heard the tales of the sacred conflict within the Kwi-Sin, Ming-Ken and Ohaeng temples. Of the stories I have learned nothing has enticed me more than that of the Darkstaff and its corruption of the god Orb and his vanquishing by the mighty spirit arrow shot by Madog. Now I look back I realize the memories I have created and the friends I have made. As a young warrior I ventured into strange caves seeking riches but instead I found fellow warriors, mages, poets and rogues whom I have made my friends. I can see that in the future many new people will begin their legends and hear of the adventures of the people of the past. For everyone the past seems so exciting and the present so boring but the past will be Forever Gone and now it is our time to make history!