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Understanding the Moon

A Tale of Strength in the Face of Adversity

The moon quest is a quest, which many warriors embark on once they feel they are ready. During this extensive quest they have been met with many hardships. Recently I to gathered my weapons and armor and partaked in this quest. It was long and hard because of my eagerness to complete it I was only at the minimum requirement for it, insight 76. But I did complete it and now I wish to share the story of this perilous adventure with you.

The Mighty Boar Champion

My guild master Ming-Ken Tebaek wasted no time in setting out a difficult task for me. He asked me to slay the mighty Boar Champion. Although I was eager to understand the moon I was not blinded by my pride and was not ashamed to ask for help on the community tablet. A young mage by the name of Makobi responded to my plea for help and was even nice enough to decline my 5k offer for helping me. We quickly journeyed into the heart of the mythic pig cave. He tried his best to keep everything paralyzed but I found myself surrounded by pigs. I ate through my bear liver supply praying that I would survive when Makobi was able to paralyze my foes, which allowed me to make quick work of the pigs. As we ventured further we met up with an unexpected inconvenience, a Boar Sentry. I charged towards it with tremendous force but Makobi asked for it so I halted my assault and waited patiently for him to send the foul pig to the grave. While waiting I noticed through the corner of my eye 10 charging pigs. Fearing for Makobi's safety I charged at them. They started eat away at my armor at an alarming rate but I was able to get the better of them as I thrust my sword relentlessly. By the time I was done with the pigs Makobi had made short work of the sentry. So once again we pressed on until Makobi unfortunately fell in a hole which I was unable to locate. So we used are magic to return to the entrance of the mythic pig cave. Distraught we went in mad that we were at the begging again but when we reached the third room I glow caught my eye on top of a small hill, the Boar Champion! I feared for my life as I carelessly slashed through pigs to reach the hill were the mighty beast ruled. Makobi was able blind the enormous boar but he was still able to swiftly dodge my blows. He began hacking at me with tremendous force but I was able to dodge most of his moves but unfortunately he was able to make a direct hit on my Earth Tiger Mail causing a gash in my arm. Barely able to hold onto my Electra I still went at him but he was able to force me back as the effects of blind wore off. Makobi struggled to regain control of the beast as it charged at me. I could feel myself lose my grip on my silver thread but when he was ready to deliver the deathblow, Makobi regained his mana and sent forth a lightning bolt that would attract the carnivorous pig towards him. I wasted no time in getting up and thrusting my Electra into the unprotected back of the Boar. So now I stood in front of the remains of the Boar Champion as Makobi collected the items the Boar had held. I now knew why all other warriors considered this to be a most difficult quest. So I said goodbye to Makobi and traveled back to the Warrior Guild in Kugnae to learn of my next task...

Thirty Mad Dogs: One Million Headaches

Tebaek told me that I must slay thirty mad dogs to proceed in his trails. Knowing they posed no real threat to me so I undertook this part of the quest alone. As I approached the entrance the cruel fact that magical forces would not allow me to kill over 170 of the other types of dogs dawned upon me. I entered into the cave with a deep breath and hoped I could defeat all the Mad dogs before I defeated 170 other dogs. I will not bore you with the details of my hunt but I will tell you of the battle, which was held between me and the last five dogs I needed to slay. After defeating 25 of the Mad dogs I was surrounded and forced to gate but when I returned I was faced with 5 more Mad dogs. I tried to run from them but their acute sense of smell was able to allow them to keep up with me, so I turned around and unleashed a series of slashes on them. One dog lunged towards me but I was able to duck before he hit me and he was sent bowling into the wall. Using his stunned state to my advantage I finished the dog off. I did not even withdraw my blade from the fallen dog as I felt the sharp pain of two of the other four biting me. I flung them off with all my might, which caused them to hit the other dogs. Quickly regaining my mana, I prepared for another assault of slashes. One flew towards me, as I sidestepped him I brought up my sword and slashed him in the air. Now I only had to contend with the last three so I flung myself towards them in a terrific fury and was able to slay them one by one. Happy that I had completed my second trail I headed back to the Warrior Guild...

Grim Ogres: Big, Mean and Ugly

My next task was to slay 20 Grim Ogres. Once again I knew I could not do this alone and asked for the help of the community. This time a diviner by the name of AnimeRage helped me. We entered the cave and he immediately began scourging all enemies in our direct vicinity. Although it was hard I managed to slay many the ogres in little time. As I approached my fifteenth kill I noticed a pattern in their attacks. I immediately memorized the pattern and easily dodged their clubs. About 5 minutes after we started we finished and AnimeRage and I parted ways. I then traveled back to the Warrior Guild as I had previously done after every task set out for me...

Money, Money, Stats Make the World go Round

Tebaek told me to retrieve 3 Electras, 1 titanium glove and bring him my Star Scale Mail to him. Not wanting to go through more hunting I quickly found two citizens by the names of TheTruth and Kyas who sold me the items. It cost me 100k in total. After that I thought it was finally over but no, Tebaek wanted some of my stats. After giving up some strength, grace, will and karma, Tebaek finally granted me what I longed for, the Moon Scale Mail. My long journey had finally been completed and I traveled back to the circle for a well-deserved rest.


Eternal Honor

Chongun Constable