Nexus Biographies


Story of PyroAce

My Kingdom, My Home, My Honor

I was born in the quite city of Azura; my name back then was Blake. My mother and father were simple wood workers. Unlike many brave warriors as told in legends such as Jarof, I had no trouble with my parents and respected them very much. I started training at the age of five after I encountered the hero Ace who told me after I broke a window in the local bar that I was showing disrespect and I was bringing dishonor to myself by lying to him about it. I asked him what honor was and he told me that it was to be courteous to all those around me, never lie, be respectful to all people whether they be friend or foe, defend those who are in need, never bring disrespect to you or your friends, spread thy wealth, never be gluttonous, greedy, miserly, resentful, slothful, envious or sulky, protect righteousness and good against injustice and evil, always do everything to the best of your abilities, perform all tasks set out for you unless they are unlawful or injure another, love the land of your birth and honor all lands and seek knowledge on things you know nothing about. When I asked were he had learned of this thing called honor, since he obviously did not learn it in Azura, he told me that it is the creed of the Chongun from the far off land of Nexus. From that time on I brought honor to myself and those around me, by doing everything Ace had told me. I was renamed PyroAce because I spread the ideas of Ace throughout the kingdom, like a fire which to be fair were actually the ideas of the Chonguns but I digress.

The Mighty Sword Guardian

At the age of 13 I learned of a legend which told of the mighty Guardian sword. In the legend it said that only a protector of the weak may venture into the Plains of Eternity and fight of the mighty Snake Man who lived on Serpent Mountain. The Snake Man had stolen the Guardian from a hero he had killed even when the warrior told him he was not there to fight. Enraged by the actions of what this creature had done to a fellow hero, I gathered my belongings, which included my Eleven Dagger, Steel Armor, Fire Helmet, Gauntlets and my Steel Shield, so that I may slay the foul creature and retrieve the dead warriors weapon.

I went to the mountain and encountered many strange creatures but I was able to overcome them by using my cunning and strength to overpower them. I finally made it to the summit were I saw the mighty Snake Man. His back was to me and I thought about attacking him but instead I took the honorable route and challenged him.

'What isss it that you want foolisssh human?'.

'I seek the mighty Guardian, which you hold in your hands.'

'Hmm sssuch a brave warrior to asssk for my weapon but sssurly you mussst have known I would not give it to you.'

'Perhaps but if it is a battle you want then I am hear to bring one to you.'

'Oh a challenge I have not had a decent fight from anyone of those pathetic travelers who come through the plains in a long time, are you sssure you're up to it.'

'Of course.' I unsheathed my Eleven Dagger and made a dive for the Snake Man who gracefully slithered past every attack and launched his own attack after my back was to him. Luckily I was skilled in using my shield and I deflected most of his attacks but my armor had to sustain quite a bit of damage as well. After attacking him several times he had me backed up against the ledge of the mountain were he could not attack me from behind. I stabbed at him with as much effort as possible and finally wounded him in his stomach.

He reeled back and I saw my chance to attack but he was able to spit poison at me before I was able to attack and it hit me in my eyes. I began to search hurriedly through my pockets and lost many items in my desperate bid for an antidote I brought along. Meanwhile Snake Man was able to recover and bit me in my lower leg and summoned powerful lightning magic to attack me. Finally I retrieved my antidote and drank it hastily. I was back in the fight but my leg would really slowed me down and I could not recover the health lost by the Snake Mans attack without lowering my guard by picking up my lost items. So I did the only thing I could think of I took of all my armor and even my shield tell all that was left was my peasant clothes. My speed was at least doubled and my chance for victory was increased. I charged at Snake Man while covering my eyes so that poison could not get in them again and using my other senses to find out where the Snake Man was I felt the sting of poison as it hit my hand and then a much more painful sting. I uncovered my eyes and saw that I had dealt a blow to the Snake Man, which penetrated deep into his body. My Eleven Dagger melted from the strong acids in his body but I was able to pull away my arm before it sustained any damage.

The Snake Man suddenly let out a howl of pain and dropped the guardian. In one swift move I picked up the guardian and cut the Snake Mans head off. My labor had been completed the Snake Man lay before me battered and beaten, he began to fade away and even though he was my enemy I stood for a moment of silence for my slain foe. Now the Guardian was mine!

The Eskean Raids

Azura and its neighboring kingdom Beaouse were attacked by the mighty Eskeans when I was the age of 15 and had become a mighty warrior after many years of physical and mental training. The attack by the Eskeans lasted 7 years and they looted and pillaged our kingdoms many times as well as holding massive attacks just to see the blood of the many brave people of Azura and Beaouse. This period of time was known as the Eskean Raids.

During the Eskean Raids I fought valiantly. Thousands of battles were raged throughout the course of the Raids. When I was 20, I had my home raided and my parents were kidnapped. I saw this as a declaration of war against myself. I went to their ship in order to save my parents and regain my lost possessions. I brought with me a healer and a trained assassin to help me fend off the Eskeans. The battles were long and fierce and I soon discovered the many treasures onboard the ship. With these new found items I continued on but was met up with an unexpected foe, the knight Alaseous who was talked about as the destroyer of kingdoms in legends. I told my friends to leave because this was my battle. They escaped and that is the last time I ever saw them again and everyone else in Azura.

The battle began without any warning or talking. My weapon clanged against his mighty Alpha Sword, which he had inherited from his family and was rumored to be the first sword ever made. The battle raged on neither of us was able to get the better of the other. I dodged and parried as fast as I could but his lightning fast reflexes were able to counter my every move. I had the advantage over him however thanks to my titanium shield. I began to anticipate his movements and after watching for awhile I decided to put my shield into a more active roll. A sidestepped past him as he thrust at me but he was able to deflect my sword however he could not avoid my shield coming down on his back with a tremendous amount of force. He was now on the ground and I thought about ending his cruel rule but decided that it would be dishonorable to strike a foe while he was down. He told me I was a great warrior but also I foolish one and then he yelled something in a strange tongue which I could not recognize. He quickly left the room and when I tried to follow him the doors shut. I tried to get through them and just as they wear wearing down I could hear the ship leaving. I decided that I might as well stay in that room.

New Countries, New Adventures, New Monsters

After the ship docked in Eskana a country far away from my own but not to far away from Kugnae and Buya, I escaped the ship. I thought about staying in Eskana because of the threat the Eskeans were to the people but I soon realized this was the home of the Eskeans.

So I began my journey through the lands heading east for some unknown reason perhaps I knew that the Nexus, which Ace talked some much about, was there. I encountered many creatures of myth including the standard creatures such as Chimera and Cerberus. I also encountered some little known creatures such as the Basilisk and Gallii. But my most notable battle was against Echidna the mother of all monsters.

In Greek legend Echidna was a monster that gave birth to many of the mythic creatures such as the two already mentioned Chimera and Cerberus, she was also half woman and half serpent. This much I knew was true but in legend a warrior named Argus had killed her. Thus I had my first encounter with a... I believe you call it in Nexus a spawning monster. The creature challenged me to a battle and which I excepted as most warriors would. The battle was rather short compared to my other battles for I had gained much skill through my travels across the lands. I held up my shield to avoid her poison and took out my sword and sliced through her arm in one swift movement. She came at me with great ferocity but I nimbly dodged all her attacks and quickly inflicted many more wounds to her. She almost bit me but right in the nick of time I was able to dodge and her teeth were caught in a rock. I allowed her to get her bearings and attack me again. On her next attack the charged straight at me with a glowing red in her eyes and I ended the battle as I sidestepped and cut through her. She quickly faded away telling me that she would be reborn.

The Strange Forest: Gateway to Nexus

On my 21 birthday I came upon a strange forest with tightly clumped trees. Some mysterious power lured me into the forest. After walking through the forest I began to feel ill and my chest began to hurt, suddenly it felt as though my whole body was being torn apart. A whirlwind in engulfed me and the last thing I remembered was all my possessions flying away from me.

I awoke in a strange place where the trees parted mysteriously and a path could be seen. I ventured down the path and came across a strange merchant who gave me a wooden saber. He then told me to kill 10 rabbits, I felt that the rabbits never did anything to me so I choose to ignore him but when I tried to leave a mysterious force stopped me, so I was forced to do what he told me. When I went to kill a rabbit I realized that my power had been decreased tremendously! I was unable to even kill a rabbit in a single hit. After doing as he told me I completed the other trails set before me slowly regaining my lost power as a strange light engulfed me every so often and I found that I had become more powerful after every time the light came. I killed 10 squirrels, learned of my mysterious ability to find things when I was given certain information, mastered the secret of soothe and pasted the test of the guards of Nexus.

I found myself facing an angel whom gave me a Novice Sword. I then found myself facing Jadespear, who claimed to be a trainer of heroes, (what could he teach me). I did one of his quests, which made me go get some war platemail, but when I retrieved it he told me that I must go and seek a path. I quickly inquired the people on what the paths were. What they told me amazed me because I never thought that a person could choose which path they took in life they just were that path. But I was wrong the people in Nexus do things much differently...

Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, My New Home

I choose the path of the warrior because that is what I was a warrior although I preferred the term knight. I completed Jadespears quests and gained much experience from them. I soon found myself with to new treasures which although not as powerful replaced my previous weapons and armor which I had lost in that mysterious whirlwind, these items were of course the Sea ring and Frost saber.

I learnt many secrets from the warrior guild master such as the powerful wolf fury. I found the shrine of Chung Ryong and quickly began to admire him. I worshipped him daily and even bought a helmet from him. I was challenged constantly in this New Kingdom; I journeyed throughout the rat cave and joined many other adventures especially the people you call poets so that I could conquer the Snake cave.

My first real challenge came from the fox cave, which I ventured into alone and met up with the Nine Tailed Fox. Him and me battled while his annoying minions attacked me from my sides and back but thanks to my flank and backstab attacks I overcame them. The Nine Tailed Fox soon fell to my feet and relinquished his fox blade. The fox blade to me was a rather weak weapon but was sought after by many others so I decided to make it a daily training session were I would go in to fox cave and kill the Nine Tailed Fox. I soon found an even better way to make money by woodcutting and using the amber I gained from my many training expeditions into the Mythic Caves to make Crafted and Well crafted ambers. I completed the Nangen warrior trail. As I got stronger I bought more weaponry and armor so that I may be stronger. Among these items was the Maxcaliber, Moon blade and Titanium gloves. I learnt of my destiny, which was held in the hands of the Ming-Ken warriors.

During one of my frequent walks in the wilderness I came across a small village where I decided to live because it was much quieter than Buya and after my previous adventures I decided that I would be at home in the wilderness. After reading many scrolls and tablets, seeing Chonguns around town, and hearing about them long ago from Ace, I decided that this honorable path was the right one for me. And now I sit here at the age of 24 writing this letter on my many adventures outside and inside the Kingdom of the Winds. My hand has begun to hurt and I am growing weary so I will now bid you ado.


Eternal Honor

Chongun Soldier