Nexus Biographies


The Heaven Prince

I looked at him wearily, boy he he did not look happy. He seemed to be a stern man, one who would hold no reservations of simply lifting me out of his way. Not that I felt in any mood to resist such action but he was impressive none the less. In his hand he held a spear, a spear which must have painstakingly designed over several years to instill fear in obstacles such as myself. It looked dangerous and I had little doubt it was.

Cautiously I looked behind me, where a young man cowered. Well an older boy anyways, as he could not have been a day past his eighteenth year. Although not as physically imposing as the man before me, his blood soaked hands and clothes did give me some pause. Nervously (and I hoped without notice) I shuffled a bit, you know just to make sure that none of that was my blood.

In my mind I let out a large sigh, using a significant amount of willpower not to externalize that sigh. I found the whole situations draining and scrambled to remember why they were here. Despite my protest my mind could only focus on the test I was to face tomorrow. The magistrates are to test me on the proper use of potions to attack my enemy (or was that the proper use of potions to heal my allies).

I am not sure how much time had passed since the boy stumbled into the Sodo with the guard close behind. There was some yelling, something about a murdered shop keeper. And then there was that test tomorrow. Surely if a minute had passed it must have been an hour.

I looked at the guard again and a sudden realization passed me, despite his impressive size (and the spear), he stood before me. He definitely stood menacingly as I noted before but he made no action. A miniscule feeling of control began to well up inside me. Perhaps focusing on my training was not such a misguided action. I had indeed been trained to deal with this sort of situation and I had been welcomed into the Sodo walls as a Ch'on'gun, a heaven prince!

With new found confidence I looked into the guards eyes with some hope of gaining insight into what he felt. Surely he could sense that I was fairly new to all this but still commanded some respect and had the entire Chongunate behind me. I could not stare into his soul but I felt confident that I could glean some measure of the man beyond his outworldly appearance. He was a man of law and he had little patience for our role in maintaining peace. However his lack of patience was not a representation of a lack of respect.

Confident the guard would wait for my response, I breathed deeply and closed my eyes. This act would appear to only take a second to the weary onlookers but would have a more profound effect on me. I felt a chill upon my shoulder as a gentle hand grasped it, I know the hand had no corporeal substance but I felt it just the same. A Ch'on'gun's connection to the spirits is something often forgotten and I fear something we may lose entirely someday. However it is something I have found very useful and I have no doubt it will aid me in my current plight.

In addition to the owner of the hand on my shoulder I felt several more spirits congeal behind me. They spoke not a word but stood behind me in silent support, bolstering my confidence. Now that I felt I could face this challenge I again consulted with them, certain their knowledge and experience would guide me.

I opened my eyes and calmly spoke.

"Now let us discuss your accusations and how you will not be taking this boy until I am sure of his guilt and that he will be treated fairly."

((Written by PyroAce))