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The Legend of the Winds

A Tale of Perseverance

Like most people I had a dream that I would be able to possess the legendary wind armor. Many have tried to claim this honor and many have failed however many have also succeeded. Upon taking on this test of skill everyone knew that they would have to persevere through the many challenges that awaited them.

The Scribe

To learn more about the 'Legend of the Winds' I sought out the scribe who made his home atop a mountain in the dangerous Vale. Unfortunately for me Vale had developed new challenges that previous seekers of the winds did not have to contend with. At the time of my adventure the land of Vale was Plagued by monsters who unlike similar monsters within the cities and Mythic Nexus, they could easily kill me. Using my speed and agility to outrun them I finally found myself at the base of Scribe's Mountain. Upon asking him about the 'Legend of the Winds' he told me that I was a noble soul and that I may be able to capture the wind. Instilled with new confidence I returned to Kugnae to find out how I may capture the winds. A fellow Chongun informed me that the weaver in the wilderness could help me.

The Magical Net

Once I met the wilderness weaver she informed me that it would be a difficult task to create the Magical Net necessary for capturing the winds. Once I told her I would not give up on my task she told me to bring her 10 fine cloth and a red potion so that she could help me weave the Magical Net. I was distraught after failing to create the Magical Net when I returned to her. She told me that it was not so easy to weave the net and that it may take me many tries to succeed. On my 7th try I finally succeeded.

More of the Legend Uncovered

After weaving my net I was at a loss for what I had to do next. I had once heard that Pond new a bit about the legend he may be able to help me. I went to him and asked him about the legend. He revealed to me that within the caverns below the library I would find the answer to all my problems.

The Buyan Library Caverns

Once I entered the caverns I was immediately attacked. Three rats attacked me and I gripped my mighty spike and swung at them as hard as I could. One rat was able to bite deep into my leg and poison began spreading through my veins. Struggling I was able to reach an indigo potion which I had brought along. I quickly drank it and with my Vita and body restored I was able to attack with a mighty Berserk. The rats then fell before me.

Fearing another encounter with the vicious rats I quickly dodge all that was in my way. finally I made it to a room completely empty of the rats which plagued the previous rooms I had ventured into. I soon found out why a large Sonhi Guard with a equally large scimitar stood before me. He told me that I required a pass for entrance deeper into the cave. I gripped my Spike ready to attack the guard but before I attacked I realized that I would lose so I retreated from the cave and sought out a pass.

The Sonhi Pass

Knowing that the Sonhi themselves would be the only ones who would possess such a pass I traveled to KaMing's Encampment. I questioned everyone there about the pass and finally found Sya. She enticed me into giving her Fine Weaving Tools in exchange for information on the pass.

I was directed to Blood's home and upon asking him about KaMing's Seal he told me that he would help me in exchange for a Frost Sabre. Reluctantly I handed over my own Frost Sabre which I had retrieved during my early days in the kingdom. I was once again told that another held the seal, Gan. Blood told me that KaMing had left armor with Gan which could contain the seal which I was seeking.

I found Gan's shop quite easily. I tried my best to trick him into giving me the armor but after telling him that I was there to 'Pick up Armor'. Before he would let me have the armor he told me to get 4 fine metal and a titanium lance. I quickly purchase those items and returned to him again. He then asked me to retrieve some leather straps from a Sonhi Hideout in Kugnae. I told him that I had no means of do such a task without a pass. He understood my plight and gave up the seal to me.

Return to the Caverns

I was able to pass the Sonhi Guard deep within the library caverns but was soon faced with many centipedes and Mantis's. I quickly ran past those creatures and was once again faced by a road block of enormous proportions. The creature revealed himself as Gloth, he told me that only those that shine if virtue could pass him. He also revealed that I should seek out the two great ones and he would let me pass if I showed him a sword.

The Two Great Ones

I once again inspected the legend of the winds and was led to believe that Min and Chul may help me.

I found Min in Hausson working as a butcher. I enquired about virtue and she told me to find Chul in the far away land of Nagnang.

I found Chul at the western gate of Nagnang working as a smith. I asked him about virtue. He told me that he could forge the sword that Gloth seeks if I gave him a single stardrop. I gave him my stardrop and he was able to forge a Star sword for me.

To the Caverns Once Again

I quickly made my way to Gloth excited that I may finally learn the rest of the legend of the winds. He let me pass as I wielded the Star sword in front of him and at the deepest part of the cave I found a chest. I touched it and it sang the tune Humm dee do dum do hee. I asked it about the legend and it told me that I needed a song to open it.

The Song

The tune the chest hummed led me to believe it was a clue to the song needed to open it so I went back to min and hummed the song to her. She told me about her journey to this land where she heard the song on a ship. Chu Rua seemed to be the obvious choice of who would know the song. I sung the tune to him and he sang back to me this song:

Oh the waves upon the sea, the green sea of old,

They glide and dance to the shore, a shore of gold,

The dance of the waves do end, a story been retold,

Do not fear for the dance, the waves are too bold,

Far away the tune begins, on the green sea of old.

Final Trip to Library Caverns

I reached the treasure box once again and quickly sung the song line by line and the box opened and revealed the 'Legend of the Winds 2'.

How to Read the Text

Try as I might I could not read the ancient text so I decided that pond may be able to aid me. He told me that I could only read the legend if I sought the life of light well it was young. I realized that he meant that I should try to read the legend in the early mourning. I tried to read it at around 5 in the mourning but still could not decipher it. I looked up and saw the massive east gate Kugnae and realized that it was blocking the early mourning sun! I exited the city onto Dae Shore and held the legend up to the sun and a flash of light blinded me I quickly recovered and saw the word Kawlana just before the legend burned to a crisp.

The Meaning of Kawlana

I asked Min about Kawlana and she revealed to me that Kawlana was my own life force. Knowing that the Sunset Weaver knows much about life force I went to him and questioned him about the Kawlana. To extract my Kawlana he asked for a Holy Ring, Indigo potion, Fine Steel dagger, 100 vita, Whisper Bracelet, Titanium Glove and a Sen Glove. I purchased the items and returned to him. He began the ceromony to extract my Kawlana and it was successful. Still and sure of my ability in capturing the winds I decided to make another Kawlana but I was told that only one could be made every day. I made my Kawlana and finally ventured off to face the winds.

Capturing the Winds

I made my way to Scribe's Mountain once again and told the Scribe that I was finally ready to capture the winds. Using his magic he transported me to Windy Summit. Once on the summit I could not see the winds so I dropped one of my Kawlana to attract them but I was not ready for them when they came for me. They began tearing at my skin and I felt my body being ripped apart slowly. Using all my power I was able to grip my second Kawlana and drink it. My body began to tremble with incredible power the winds could not even scratch me now quickly I dropped the Magical Net and swung it on top of the fierce winds. I had captured the wind.

Weaving the Winds

I went to Min and told her that I had captured the winds. She told me that she would help me weave them into armor but I needed to get her a master tailor and weaver. I soon found one and they helped me weave the winds into Wind platemail. I donned the armor and felt my body strength more than it ever had before. I had obtained the one of the most powerful armor in Nexus but I knew that this was not my last quest in The Kingdom of the Winds...


Eternal Honor

Chongun Constable

Bear Loyalist