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' , Journey Begins

==The Water flows unsettlingly==

The Water flows around me. I cant breathe it. I cant get away.

I have come back to the world I once knew, Back to the past, my destiny takes me.

I am back in the body I once knew, the body that is my own.

My black hair blows in the sea air, as I lay on the beach, staring out at the ocean before me. I grew up in the town called KunTui, a town that now is devoured by the ocean that I am staring into, this is the story why, and the story of my past, that changed my life forever. This is the story of how my life started. How my journey had began. Some people know of this tale, yet others do not.

The town of KunTui was close to the port of Hausson, just a few hours away. It was a small town. The people who lived here were struggling to keep themselves alive.

There was no real culture here, and I never was able to visit other lands, I never even went out of my village.

I am 10 Yuris old.

My grey eyes shine in the light.

My parents were the rich mayors of the town. My parents didnt care about me. My parents didnt care about my town either. Even though they didnt care for me, they gave me everything I wanted, so I would not bug them. But when I asked them to take me to the capitol of Kugnae, they wouldn't. I dont know why. But I was soon to find out.

One day a Diviner visited my town. Of course I was playing in the waves of the beach, flowing ever so gently under my feet. The diviner, as if understanding everything, came and found me playing at the beach. I felt a hand on my sholder and turned around. I was shocked to see someone so different from the usual townspeople. She smiled as a stared at her.

My parents were furious when I told them of my visitor. I had not told them though, about the talk I had with her. She had given me a reading, and it told me that destruction would become of KunTui. She had stared hard into my eyes, and I could feel tears drip into my mouth. She told me my journey had not begun yet.

The next day I looked for the Diviner, but she was not there. My parents had banished her. That night I went to my parents as they were eating dinner. Tears ran down my cheeks and my hair was wet, as a painfully screamed at them, I blew out my mind to them, and I told them, I told them of the future. And as I realized my mistake, I ran away, I ran down to the beach below.

The Diviner had told me not to tell, not to mess with fate. What fate? I dont believe fate! I control my fate. I hugged my knees close to my body as I cried out my heart. The tides moved in and seemed to devour my body.

I then realized I was inside the ocean, the tides had rose so high I was underneath them. I could breathe the water. I opened my eyes, they stung from the salt. The water was unusually clear... A strange feeling came over me. I sharp pain in my head. I screamed out with all my might, yet only caused bubble to rise. And then I couldnt breathe. The water was taking over my body. I stared up at the light above me. I pushed away at the water as I swam upwards, eyes still longing for the light.

And as I got up...I could not see KunTui. I couldnt only see the vast ocean before me.

My tears stopped, I was too shocked to cry. No questions arroused in my head. I knew what would become of me. I knew my fate. I knew my destiny.

I would be a Diviner. A Diviner of the Unsettling Waves. My life had began.

', Raneta KunTui