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Bear Claw

Bear's claw was a parting gift from Bear clan on my retirement as Primogen, it has remained by my side everyday since the day it was given to me. The historical creation of bears claw is a little known story, which I finally managed to weed out of Cbuzz one fine day in the bear hall.

Cbuzz gathered the together the members of the clan in a giant meeting pooling together the combined knowledge of the Do/Chongun/Chung Ryong/Druid/Muse/Monk and Hyun Moo paths they came up with the concept of Bear's claw, a powerful glove like weapon which would allow the wielder to slash out like a Bear, imbiding the wielder with the strength and endurance of the Mightest Bears.

Cbuzz sort out the knowledge of how to construct the weapon all across the kingdom, but none could help him work out how to construct such a weapon. Walking back to the clan hall he decided to talk with Tangun about the matter. Tangun sat patiently as Cbuzz related what he wanted to do and that it seemed none but the Gods could answer his questions on how to construct such a weapon. Tangun stared back thoughtfully at Cbuzz for a moment. Then asked 'The Clan truly believes he is worthy of such an Honor?' Cbuzz replied 'Yes' Tangun nodded 'Then I will help you construct such a weapon, but it will not be easy.' Cbuzz nodded, Tangun continued 'You will need to bring me a solid base for the glove, then I will need a smaller glove to bound into this glove to enable skin contact, I will need a Scale from the Back of the Mighty Blue Dragon to provide the strength, Then I will need 3 blades to fashion the claws from, the first must be made from the finest steel in the land, the second must be small but as sharp as a thorn and the last will need to be a sliver removed from the finest fiery blade in the land. Once you have gathered all these I will be able to smith the Weapon, But to truly ibid the spirit of the Bear into the Glove you will need to gain a Blessing from each of the 8 Ancestral Bears which live in the hall, once you gain there blessing on the Glove you will need to finalise it's construction, by gathering one of each of the 16 paths in the middle of the wilderness Under a Full Moon and perform the ritual I'll give you.' Cbuzz nodded and asked those in the clan who would help gather what was required and needed, many volunteered, some giving up items of great value to them. Each was taken and Given to Tangun at last all the objects were gathered, For 3 days and 3 nights Tangun remained locked in his forge hammering and smithing on the morning of the fourth day he handed what he had forged to Cbuzz, it was a thing of beauty and yet lethal. Tangun warned 'Do not wield it till the ritual is complete, go now and receive the blessing from the Ancients'

Cbuzz asked each Ancient bear in turn, each looked into his very soul, looking for the truth behind why he would seek to create such a weapon, finding nothing but the noblest and pure intentions in his heart, each gave him his/her blessing. Each provided to the glove a small shock of hair or a tooth an old claw, He said it was like the objects melted into the glove and changed it in some subtle way. The last Bear gave his blessing, but his was not an object or item, but a warning, in a deep growl he spoke. ' I give to this Glove a sense of Honor, Brotherhood and Loyalty, if it ever be used for a purpose other than these it will become lost to the wielder and will only re-emerge when one who is worthy needs it.' The last blessing given Cbuzz arranged the 16 people who would finalise the last step in the creation of the Claw.

The 16 of them stood on a clear moonlight night the glove rested before them on a smooth patch of ground, each spoke the words Tangun had given them to speak, Cbuzz spoke last. At the finishing of his words lightning shot from the sky into the glove, everyone took a startled step back, then fire engulfed the glove, water doused the flames, the glove then sunk down into the earth and the wind came up like a tornado on the spot were the glove and lain, The wind died down and there sat the glove shimmering on a pedestal of pure metal. Cbuzz approached cautiously and then a Growl came forth from all around them, then from the south bounding along came the biggest bear any of them had ever seen, it passed through the outer ring of participants and made its way to the Glove it reared up over the glove and Growled again. The bear was over 10 feet tall and bristled with muscle. It lowered to its feet and slowly walked till it stood over the Glove it then lay down over the top of the Glove. It then seemed to slowly shrink ever smaller till it was simply resting in the palm of the glove then it sank slowly into the glove and vanished from sight. Cbuzz stepped forward and gathered up Bear's claw it glowed with an un-earthly light and he could feel the power radiating from it.

The next day at my retirement ceremony the entire clan presented it to me, none and worn it before and as a slipped it on I could feel my muscles strength my stamina seemed to increase and I realised that I could not tell were my flesh ended and Bear's claw began it was part of me and a very powerful weapon. I have wielded Bear's claw with care from that day forwarded always using it for honorable deeds.