Nexus Biographies


Bear Mantle

My mantle was gift from my father when I left home to seek adventure, being only a poor farmer it must have taken him years to gather the wealth to buy one as such Ive always treasured the mantle. Over the Yuri's it has seen many battles. Each time it has become worn i ahve repaired it with a little help from Cry the seamster. I have always tried to patched it with something from that Event or some other item with meaning.

When I defeated the Ice beast my mantle was my only clothing at that time, so I fought the beast init, it tore a small hole in the material during the conflict, as I was passing back across the lava river I managed to save a small piece of leather from the travelling shoes and had Cry patch it with this.

Later when I descended into the depths of the lost mines, My mantle was safely secured in my Backpack, But alas I stoped for a rest and a meal break on a rock, I laid my backpack beside me and unfortunately a couple of those silver squirrels Gnawed there way into my backpack destroying one sleave of my mantle, On my quest I collected several squirrel pelts to patch my mantle with and when time came took these with my mantle to Cry for repairs.

The first time I descended into the Mythic Dragon Cave, I was badly scorched by there fire and my backpack was almost destroyed, After I was recovered I sorted through my goods and saw my mantle burnt and charred, In anger I descended back into the cave and slew many dragons skinning one before I was done, I took this to Cry and he spent several days patching and repairing my mantle with hide off the dragon as well as with some fine cloth.

During the eclipse and the coming of kajang, I was more careful with my mantle this time, insured it was rolled up securely and wrapped in some older armour. During the course of descending into the depths of the crypts, I was struck by how cold it was in my armour, so I placed my mantle on under my armour, during the course of the several days battle getting to Kajang, several holes were worn into my mantle by the armour rubbing during combat. I convinced the shaman to give me a few squares of material of the same stuff she made kajangs gloves out of to repair it with.

More recently during the Attack of the Wind Gods, I once again ventured forth into there domain, they were very powerful and I suffered much from there attacks, since it was best to run rapidly through there defences, I wore my mantle to allow me to be more nimble and quicker on my feet, still some hit me tearing my mantle in several places, I managed to grab some threads from the carpets in the rooms, and used these to repair my mantle with.

Many other times my mantle has become damaged, I have always had Cry repair this damage with some bear furs from the bears that can be found in the Vale, he also uses only the finest cloth during its repairs if he needs to, Although this has cost me much in coin and time over the Yuri's, my mantle has become like a living history of what I've done and what I've seen as its been with me since the beginning'it is far from the Spring Mantle it used to be both in material and in sentimental terms to myself.