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So ya' wanna know alil bit about m'rage eh? Well it's a big part of m'life so I can't share every moment with ye, but I will share a particular moment. Ye see, Rage is a mental and emotional drive that is composed mostly of anger, pride and love. It's different for everyone.. it's a map if ye will- a map of your emotions and thoughts all put together with a touch of anger. When you're in this state, it creates a tunnel-vision effect.. sometimes even shrouding reality itself, not from your eyes but from you mind rather. So y'dun wanna get a Berserker like me angry, there's a reason why I hold this title -y'know? Anyhow grab y'ourself a seat next to the fire, grab a leg of tiger meat and lend me y'ears for a while.

It was a su..(It appears to be scratched out)

The overcast above grew heavy as the local merchants made their profit in the streets. A group of boys ran by, chasing bugs with their nets while laughing and joking aloud. Groups of girls would giggle at the boys, while the older folks would talk about their younger days. Women hung their laundry on fences and fishermen hauled their load to the market. The imperial soldiers paced the streets glancing at the trouble makers with suspicious eyes. All was well in beautiful Buya.

I was eleven years old, living at home with m'parents and older brother, Ruine. Y'see, my parents always favored m'older brother because of a combination between him being the first born and his ambition for knowledge. He always lay with his head in the books while I got stuck with all the house chores. I'd do my chores from dusk till dawn while m'brother was the only one who got a few coins every week. But it wasn't the work or the fact that Ruine had their favor that bothered me... but he had all of of their love and affection as well.

I finished up my chores and told my parents I was going to bed. I snuck out the window as usual, leaving them to think I was sound asleep. I loved going around town seeing all the marvels that m' chores kept me from.. this was the only time of day I was truly free. However, I loved the wilderness beyond the city gates most of all. I loved the raw beauty and mystery of it all.... there was always something exciting out there that caught the best of m' attention.

I crept through the hole in the city wall as usual. It's impossible to get through the main gate as the imperial guards would always say: "It's too dangerous out there for a lad like you, go play with your friends." So every night I would crawl through this hole to venture out into the wilderness. I came up to m'favorite tree and sat down in the damp grass.

I lay m' head against the tree, day dreamin of a life that wasn't mine- truly in a state of tranquility. However I didn't see the danger that slithered through the grass towards me. M' eyes shot open in shock as the venomous fangs sank into my skin. Just as quickly as I awoke from m' partial slumber, I fell back into a deep slumber.

I awoke next to a warm cracking fire. I rubbed m'eyes to see a silhouette of what looked like a bear standing on it's hind legs on the other side of the crimson flames. When m'eyes came into focus I realized this was no bear, it was a man!

I couldn't help to begin to laugh at the animal fur he wore as clothes, it was so odd. Infact, there wasn't really any aspect about em that I was accustom to. Instead of sacs of gold, he had herbs and pouches of food around his waist and a band tied around his head with strange markings apon it. I rubbed my head and asked what happened. He answered with a strong voice that made the hairs on my arm stand. "A poisonous snake sank it's fangs into you... you're lucky to be alive lad." He tossed me a flask containing a white substance. "If you ever find yourself in that situation again, drink this, for I may not be there to save your hide next time." After m' eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized this man was not standing, he was kneeling! I couldn't believe his sheer size. He had to have been twice the size of m' father in height and width.

We sat around the fire talking for a while. I told him m' name and he told me his was Hrun. He told me much about his nomadic way of life and of the many tribes people much like himself. When I asked why he did not live in a house he laughed so hard that it echoed for miles. He explained to me that he lived off the land, and that he only took what he needed from it so that nature would have time to replace it. I explained how m' parents had treated me and that I came out to the wilderness every night for peace of mind. He assured me that this lonely feeling would pass if I was patient enough. He then unsheathed a hunting knife from his furs and held m' arm above the fire. "Be strong lad, I will place onto you a marking of the wolf. You see, the wolven do what they need to survive and always look after one another. You will no longer truly be alone." And with that he carved the head of a wolf unto m' right fore-arm.

I asked what the odd marking was on the band apon his brow. He told me it was his clan marking and that he wore it to remind himself of the vengence he swore apon the Buyan Imperial Army. "The imperial army?, Why? They do nothing but good- they look after the city to make su.." He cut me off. "Lad, you don't see what goes on past the city walls. They have vast armies that drive us from our homes and keep pushing us back further and further into the wilderness. I have lost a great many of my family members including my father to those land-thirsty fools. When you're older, you must open your eyes to the truth."

I nodded at his words, not in understanding but in respect. "Ohh no!, I've got to get home, I'm in so much trouble..." He smiled at me and told me that it was pleasent speaking to me. With that, he whistled. Within an instant a mighty steed came to his aid and he was gone. I stood there at the crackling fire for a few minutes in deep thought before I set off for home.

When I got home the next morning my father beat me and doubled m' chores for the week. I tried to explain but I spoke to deft ears.

The next few days were physically and mentally straining. I had lost all respect for m' parents.

I was washing the dishes when I heard the horn blow. It was followed by many loud screams, some of fear- others of agony. I hurried outside to see what was happening and seen Hrun and many other people like him. They were slaughtering guards with huge clubs that would take two ordinary men to lift. It seems they chose the day for their vengence. They felled many, but the numbers of guards doubled for everyone they killed. Eventually archers were called apon them-arrows piercing the animal-skilled people. I screamed out as two arrows pierced Hrun. But the arrows did not even phase him- he just kept fighting, clubbing soldier after soldier. I couldn't believe my eyes.. any ordinary man would have fallen right there and then but he continued to take spears in the gut.

Finally he was the last standing of his people. The guards overwhelmed him, restrained him and took him away. Shortly after all the chaos had subsided the head judge walked to the city square announcing his hanging on the morrow. Hrun was my friend... I was enraged.

As my parents slept, I spent all night making a club similar to his but much smaller in comparrison. I broke my mirrior and laced the club with shards of the mirrior, creating a fearsome weapon-dispite the fact that the weilder was only eleven years of age.

I fell asleep awaiting the events of the next day.

The next day came quick. M' father threatened to beat me if I didn't hurry so I put m' sharded club into a shoulder sack and went off to the town square with my folks.

I gazed up at Hrun, standing there helplessly with a noose around his neck. I was ill at the fact that I knew the executioners all m' life. They were normally decent folk but now they stood there with hate in their eyes, spitting apon his body. Hrun did not stir what-so-ever. He stood there with his eyes open, standing proud. He did not show an ounce of fear.

Meanwhile, m' anger began to rise. I had never felt anger, only grief throughout m' life. Everything that I had bottled up started consuming m' mind like a drug. I held my shoulder sac tight to m' body.. anticipating what lay ahead.

The Judge stood up. "This filthy beast shall now die for his treason onto his emperor and kingdom." Hrun looked the judge into the eye and spit in his face. "Not my emperor, nor kingdom." With that the executioner kicked the char from under em, making the noose tight around his neck.

With no hesitation I pulled out the shard club and ran up, onto the planks, fueled by my anger and hatred. I pulled the club behind my head and flung it forward into the face of the executioner. His corpse fell to the ground. I stood there in awe realizing what I had done while the people behind me gasped and cried out. Hrun turned to me: "Run wolven!, RUN!" Out of confusion I ran as fast as I could. I heard the chain mail of the soldiers running behind me.

I ran and ran as a million throughts raced through m' mind. I couldn't let em catch me.. I couldn't let em bring me back to that disgusting town. I hated it, I hated them all. I slid through the small hole in the city wall, making it impossible for the soldiers to persue. I just kept running into the deep, dark , vast wilderness.... m' new home.

Berserker scout,

=The Cleaver=