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Sute's Revenge

Long time ago, Sute was sealed in a cave at North Buya by Eldritch. Sute was rumoured to revive itself each time it was killed, which later on proven by Koguryo and Buya warriors to be true. In the present time, with the improved spells and knowledge, warriors as weak as level 30 are already capable of killing Sute. The warriors who had became legend regard Sute as easy as killing squirrels.

However, the Sute that they had been eliminating is not real. It was just a spell casted by a powerful mage. The mage is able to summon the image of Sute at his fingertips, whereby great mages in the kingdom find it very difficult. He has became so powerful due to his constant training at his secret dungeon. This dungeon is protected by a barrier so powerful that no one has ever managed to even dent it.

This mage has also been observing the images he had created being killed. He saw how powerful the warriors of the kingdom have became, but still not as strong as he is. This mage is no other than Sute himself. He originally was a good mage, but turned evil due to his greed for power. He wanted to stand above all warriors, even his own teacher, Eldritch. In the past, he substituted himself with the image of himself in Buya Mage Guild. This image he created was not 100% successful and soon the image turned crazy. All warriors of the kingdom fight it easily. Sute then ran to Koguryo and sealed himself in a dungeon. There, he kept creating image of himself to prevent warriors from searching him.

He had planned to strike Koguryo, the kingdom with smaller population first, then Buya. With his ability to cast dragons and tigers of high vitality and strength, he has full confidence in his victory. Moreover, his dragons and tigers have the ability to prevent dead warriors from being ressurected by Poets' spell and by the Shamans. He had nothing to fear, not even the most powerful warriors in the kingdom, not even the Gods of the kingdom.

The time had arrived, the day where he had planned to attack Koguryo. He put on his Wind armor and grabbed his Sam-san Ju jak staff. Then he teleported to outside his dungeon. A low level warrior was currently killing squirrels for acorns, and he witnessed the Glorious Sute. Sute stared at his innocent face. Irritated, he cast Hellfire on the warrior. The warrior died. The warrior visited Dusk Shaman and was reincarnated. He then used gateway to North Koguryo and shouted, "HELP! THERE IS SOMEONE WHO CAN KILL WARRIORS IN TOWN, NOT ARENA! HELP HELP!" Warriors of Koguryo ignored him, for he was still young. Nobody believed him.

Sute then began chanting the Summon Dragons and Tigers spells. After a few minutes, dragons and tigers started to appear in Koguryo town. Sute then sealed the gates of Koguryo with his Mighty Barrier spell to prevent anyone from leaving and entering. He casted his Vision spell to see the whole Koguryo being destroyed by the breath of his dragons and by the claws of his tigers. Warriors dying, blood spilled all over the ground os Koguryo.

King M'hul saw this and was astonished. His Guards inside his castle were fighting the incoming dragons. Without hesitation, he put on his Sun scale mail and held his Sam-san chung ryong scale. He used Whirlwind on the dragons, helped by his private poets healing him. Then he went out of his castle. In the sky was Sute's face. He announced to all Koguryo, "Hahahaha! Finally, I am able to rule over all of you! Hahahaha!" King M'hul was shocked, thinking: Sute is out of the dungeon Eldritch had trapped him and became powerful all of a sudden, how can this happen?

He tried to contact Princess Lasahn through his Telepathy spell. It does not work, for Sute had cast a barrier to prevent Telepathy outside and inside Koguryo. M'hul was panicking, he was thinking: This is only the first day of Sute's attack, what will happen next? He then slayed the dragons, which kept on appearing. Sute laughed........