Nexus Biographies


A warrior's loss

She smiles greatly upon my presence
A gentle grasp unto my hands,
I begin to feel the roots of her essence
In which our souls converge into a dance.

I cry into battle with my mighty sword
To avenge my brethren who fell beside,
Her voice lingers as I fight against the horde
It reaches my spirits unleashing a fury of tide.

The tide of battle has changed
Our solider's begin to advance,
The enemies, frail and deranged
Yet a vexing aura enters my stance.

It seems victory is right up the hill
But a sharp feeling of agony stabs my heart,
I lost her voice, vanished completely from my will
And ripped my fate into a thousand part.

I sundered while my men cheered
I dropped on my knees and began the tears,
The cruelty of triumph, I decided to fear
An equivalent exchange.. mere.