Nexus Biographies


Pre-Chongun History

Growing up on a small farm the young boy, whose nick name was used more often, Moon spent most of his day pondering the meaning of life and what it may bring him. But he would not see the fate that would be nearing.

Approaching his ninth birthday he was very happy with what little his family could afford. He lived with two Guardians who had found him one day under a tree which had fallen over. His real parents where unkown though he did have one memory of his brother. A noble warrior who cared dearly for him, and wished to train him when he approached an appropreat age.

* * *

Moon slowly walked down the stable rows enjoying the scents and flavors in the air, while finishing his chores so that he could go play with the other children in the village. He decided to tell his mother that he was leaving and entered the house.

Apon entering he noticed a young warrior sitting at the table, he had a broad face, with blue eyes, and light brown hair. He was equiped with bamboo armor and had a sheath sitting next to him. Inside the sheath a Katana sword. The warriors attention strayed from the mother to Moon as he he entered the room. His mother walked to the table and poured the warrior some tea in a small bamboo cup.

Runningmoon studied the warriors face, watching for emotions. Then finally his mother broke the silence.

"This is Ghost, he comes from the east, from a city called Kugnae, he is a smelter and a smith, and he seeks an apprentice."

Wondering what his mother had in mind he continued to listen.

"He has offered to take you there and raise you much better then we could, and for this we cannot refuse."

"There are many Children for you to play with there and it is a good place to learn the art of combat," said the warrior. "Im sure you would enjoy it there."

Runningmoon seemed eager to go and went to his room without a word so that he could ready himself for the journey to come.

In the morning Ghost left with Moon to the East.

* * *

Years passed and the child grew into a warrior, though not a smelter like Ghost intended, Moon took up weaving.

One morning though monsters attacked the city, pillaging and destroying all in their path. While Ghost was out defending the city, Moon stayed in the home untill a large beast came near the home.

Its footsteps loud and its breath damp and cold.It slowly entered the hut and seemed to know what it was looking for. Snorting and sniffing, it began to search the house, while Moon was hidden under the hallowed floor coverd with boards and a Rug. The monster sniffed around for a while and finally looked down, as if threw the boards at Runningmoon. Quite scared the young warrior drew his sword and waited. Finally with one punch, the beasts fist went threw the floor, where Runningmoon plunged his sword into the knuckles of the mighty beast. It shreaked but became much more angry. Removing the sword from its hand and throwing it at the wall, it reached under once more, grabbing Runningmoon and pulling him to the surface. Roaring it drooled at him, and opened its mouth wide, readying itself to eat the warrior. Runningmoon Cringed and closed his Eyes, hoping for a swift and painless death, and his wish came true... But yet Runningmoon was not dead, for you see death rode in on wings of steel and slew the mighty beast. The beast shreaked as it fell to the ground in horror. Runningmoon, opening his eyes, moved just enough so that he would not be flattened by the gargantuon creature. Looking to his left he noticed someone standing there... Its was GhostDog! Come to save the life of the young warrior.

Runningmoon gazed at the warrior, and before he could say anything, GhostDog spoke.

"On this day I shall teach you your true Identity so that you may grow up to be you and not another whome you are not. You are my brother, that is why I chose you as my apprentice, and you shall grow up to be a mighty warrior, no matter the path you choose."

Knowing this Moon left the city for many nights, as he meditated apon his origins. As he returned to the city, he once again took up his sword and trained harder then ever, vowing that one day he would save the lives of the innocent just as his brother had for him...