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Delenti sighed and looked up from her paperwork. Her two little ones were romping around the autumn style house. Her husband Queg had been long since dead. The eldest, Xandra saw her mother depressed expression and skipped over.

"Whatsa matter mommy? Why are you sad?" Her little eyes were round and concerned.

"Just missing your father deary. How's your brother?"

"Queg is climbing the tree. He ripped another robe and didn't want you to see."

Delenti sighed again and trained her eyes onto her little boy. He was fair skinned with brown eyes and hair. Not enough experience to fill an egg cup he had only gained two insights. His older sister was a thoughtful girl, insight fourteen. She thought out words and actions carefully and was very mature for her experience.

Delenti yelled to her son, "Quegilupo! Get down from that tree! Right now!"

The little boy gulped and slowly shimmied down the broad trunk.

"I didn't do it mommy! Honest! It was the scraggly old man again!!" This was his favorite excuse.

"Honestly... its obvious that you only recieved your father's name... not his ability to lie." She smiled at her children.

Together the two younglings chimed in, "Tell us a story about pappa and you! Please?" They looked up at their mother and pleaded.

"Fine, fine. After your baths."

Everyone settled down that evening to listen to the story.


As you two both know from what I've told you, your father was quite the romantic. Well when he and I were young and just married we used to travel together often. Our favorite spot was a private little lake in the Artic. The water was always frozen and the trees sparkled with everlasting snow. We snuggled there and sometimes fell asleep in eachother's arms. Once we sat there together on a chilly night in Artic spring. We had made a fire when we heard a small rustle in the trees. It surpirsed your pappa and I. We had never seen or heard of anyone in our little asylum from the world. Queg stood up and looked into the trees. He saw a little woman hunching her back. She looked much like Storm, the buyan shaman. In fact, she was Storm.

"Storm! M'lady, 'tis me Queg!" He called after her.

"She turned around and looked at him, "Ahh young Quegilupo. I haven't seen you much lately. Given up hunting?"

"Only to spend more time with my darling Delenti," he beamed at me.

Now my little ones, Storm was a bit fond of the young sprite that made up your father. So when she heard he and I were married she became a bit jealous. Never anger a shaman.

"Oooh, I see," she smiled sweetly; fighting to hide her anger, "I wish yuo too well. Have you any wine to celebrate your love?" She offered out a cask of fine Artic wine.

I took it graciously and bowed.

"Thank you Storm. Would you join us?"

The old woman shook her head, "I was only here for some sleeping herbs. Thank you all the same. Enjoy my dearies."

Your pappa and I were delighted. He offered to me first. I drank a small sip and a funny tingling took me over. I shrugged it off and drank more heavily. Then your father took the wine. He didn't drink any, just pured it upon the snow and on his hands. Then I started feeling faint. I passed out. Later on he fell asleep with me. When we awoke Storm was watching us.

"Did you find the wine well dearies?" She asked viciously and struck me across the face. "Do not ever think that the man next to you is your lover! He has eyes not for you!"

Startled stiff I didn't do anything. Expecting for the slap to sting it just felt warm.

Queg jumped forward, "You evil woman! Do not dare strike my love in your jelous rage!" He lept forward to attack her but stopped dead. He had been paralysed by the old witch. She cackled loudly and raised her hands. Before I could stop her she had killed your daddy. I sat down and hugged his charred body. She had hellfired him. I sobbed deeply and called her a series of colorful names I shan't reveal to you. Then I stood up slowly.

"If you are to kill my husband, then kill me so I may rest with him in the afterlife." I spread my arms wide.

The wicked shaman laughes openly, "Haha! But my dear, you see I knew that your loving little Queg had no taste for wine. There I put the Everlast drought. You shall live forever more. You will live forever without your husband. you can watch your friends die aroudn you. Tell your children, the one at home and the one resting in your womb. Tell them the story of your fate and let them watch you in horror for the rest of your days!"

All I could do was fall down among the fire. It didn't burn. I only felt a gentle tickling.


"Mommy... Is... is that true?" Delenti's younglings looked up in concern.

"Yes my loves. As much as it pains me... its true." the woman sighed and fought to hide tears from her children's sensitive hearts.

"Do.. Do you have the bottle from the wine?" Xandra asked.

"Mmm hm. I keep it in the locked cabinet." She produced the key from her dress and walked over to one of the grand trees. Unlocking a little door she reached in for a dusty bottle.

"Here it is," tears welled up in her eyes as memories of her husband flowed into her mind.

Concentrating hard Xandra muttered a small word and the contents of the bottle were full. She grimaced and glugged it down. Then Queg caught on and did the same. Their mother looked at them curiously.


"We will not let you live alone without the ones you love. I uttered the spell for reincarnation... I love---" Without another word Xandra and her brother fell unconscous.

"I love you too my children," she whispered as she tucked her little ones into bed.

Immortality-- Living with the ones you love most as long as you all should live.


-Chongun Maiden