Nexus Biographies


Restless Age

Walking through the darkness here,
When down my cheek there rolls a tear.
That tear transforms to a burning rage,
Which lasts throughout this restless age.
In dark of night,
In peaceful grove,
I feel the shadow's toll.
Demons haunt my heart and soul,
Preventing me from being whole.
In darkness comes the pain of death,
And from the shadow comes a test.
Of pain and suffering all abound,
And demons come from all around.
This world has plunged to a darkened place,
And through my eyes I see his face.
He haunts my dreams and clouds my mind,
He causes me to feel I'm blind.
For I see nothing but darkness now,
And my soul burns under his evil scowl.
Soon it will end in bloody toil,
As my blood spills to the soil.
And death shall find me in the end,
But then something new shall begin...