Nexus Biographies


=-= The Sun and the Bull =-=

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sun and the Bull

The sun beamed against my coarse broken skin. Not a single cloud in the sky, completely clear from distraction. I am blinded for a moment as I look up, eying the cause for my discomfort. Looking skyward, I ask "Why? Why do you mock me like this? Causing my sweet to roll from my brow, creating so much irritation from such a distance. I look toward the west and notice a large tree sprouting from the earth. "Ah HA! I win sun." I jump into the shade of protection made by the tree, gleeful for defeating my latest opponent. Leaning against the tree, in a state of relaxation, I open my pack and pull out an apple. "What should I do today? I know the sun will what his revenge, a rematch from his defeat earlier. "Oh, I know! Ill get a little assistance from Mr. Shield. Ha HA! Yes! I will reflect his own attempt to blind me back at him. Give him a little taste of his own medicine. Where should I train today though?" I look over to the pasture off in the distance. Bulls are gracing in the open field, consuming their usual meal. "I dont know... These bulls can be tricky. Ill just get a few other people to assist me in my training. Im sure they wouldnt mind taking on a bull, especially the ones here in this field. They look quite formidable today.

I walk around the Ancient lands, looking for others that may wish to take up on this challenge. Taking only a few minutes, I found one of each of the other paths to join me in my training. "This grouping should work quite well; each of us can add our own spice to the battle." I say smiling. We make our way to the pasture, coming across our first foe of the day. Not a very large bull, but quite the active one. It charged at us a few times and stops short, as to issue its own challenge. "Well bull, If its a fight you want, I would be happy to oblige." I tell the others that I have this one under control. They decide to move on to another challenger. I look into the bulls eyes. "You want a piece of this bull? You want some? Well, COME ON THEN bull make your move." The bulls eyes flashed with the aggressiveness of my voice. Then the bull charges ferociously towards me. Mud can be seen erupting into the air behind he bull. The rumble of its hoofs becomes loader and loader. I stand there, waiting ever so patiently. Waiting to make my move. The bull approaches... It has almost reached its enemy... I step aside. The bull runs past with a raging grimace on its face. "Awe, so close. Almost had me bull. What to give it another shot?" I say to the bull. Not giving any pause this time, the bull charges. Smirking, smiling, I stand in position. The bulls grunts get closer and faster. I can almost feel its breath upon me. I go to leap sideways. A foot slips across the mud, leaving me unbalanced. I fall to the ground, fearing what is to come next. The bull runs at me. I know I will be gorged. About to accept my fate, the bull falls to the earth, just missing my lower half. " Need a little help, eh ShinGen?" the mage says. I get up; a little humiliated by this recent debacle. "Ah I was fine; I could have taken care of it myself. But, I pleased to know you like me." I say smiling. The poet helps me off the ground and we start to continue further down the field. "Something doesnt feel right? It is to quiet." "LOOK OUT! The mage yells." I turn around...

I wake up to see an older woman above me. She has a frown on her face, not seeming to be to happy to see me. " You know, you should be more careful next time. All you young people, never paying attention. See what happens? Im tired of seeing you. Leave, I dont want to see you again." she says harshly. "Wait... What exactly happened back there in the pasture? I dont really remember to much." Annoyed she says " Well, being so unobservant as you are, a bull struck you clear on. Your lucky to even see me. That shield of yours blind the beast at the last moment. His horns missed your body, striking the shield. My My, that shield did do a job on the beast. Cut its face up real bad. Dont think it will be seeing very well for awhile." I look around. "Um, what about my shield? Where is it?" " When you hit the ground, the beast shattered it with its horns as I said. Alright, Im done talking to you. Take better care next time. I may not to be so nice again." I leave the shamans hut, a little bewildered. " I have lost my honor shield. Darn. What am I going to use against that sun now?" I look up, "Well sun, you did save me from that bull. Ill give you that. You are the victor today, but I guarantee you this, I will have my rematch." I start my walk home, giving farewell to my savior.