Nexus Biographies


Pig's Revenge

One late afternoon after searching for my friend Austin, I came upon a cave. This cave was in back of a waterfall. I had barely found it because I saw something shimmer back the mellow light the sun cast upon the water. I entered and found paintings on the walls that looked like pigs devouring people. I went to pick up the item that had caught my eye from outside and it was a Steelthorn engraved **Yin's Gift**. I had only heard stories about a blade with this engravement. I had heard it carried the power of Yin. At the tip was a glowing white crystal tip. The story talks about a peice of the chaos blade was placed into this sword.

According to legend Orb had given it to one of his successors but had never seen the fellow again. This blade was known to slice a hair in two. I read the story that had been left behind on the walls and I made out somewhat of what they meant. It talked about the evil boars and pigs that once ruled these lands. They tore apart people and ate everything. Nothing was wasted by these awefull creatures. I then kept reading and it said the most evil of pigs the Avenger had made this cave his home. I then thought these painting must be very old and ignored them. I looked farther into the cave and I saw two blood red eyes looking back at me. My heart began pounding. Pounding so hard it almost came out of my chest. My adrenaline was rushing and the foul smelling beast came out. It was the legendary Pig Avenger. I lifted the steelthorn and attempted to blind the beast by swinging it by his face. He cause it but to my surprise the pig was attempting to move the tip away from himself.

I started to run away with terror, but I knew he would catch up. He was galloping on all fours and with his mouth drueling ready to feast. I pointed the sword at him and he paused. I ran toward him stuck the blade into his left shoulder. It pierced his shoulder. Something I had not seen the finest of blades pierce like this one had. The rock hard skin melted away around the wound. I aimed for his heart in atempt to take out the beast. I missed and he gave me a hard knock on the head. I atempted once more. This time I was too scared to see the aweful beast. I pointed and poked atempting to pierce another part of him. He moaned and groaned and I thought I has been successful. I opened my eyes. The blade had slit the pig's throat. The monster fell and the whole forest rumbled with the giant falling to the ground. I had tried to keep this story to myself for I knew no one would believe me. But now as the days grow old I must tell the story of the legendary pig. The sword I planted in a rock where one day a future king will pool it out. The blade lost its glow but not its fine cut edge.

*Places pen into ink, seals the envolope, and rests a sleep of eternity*