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What a Day

Opening my eyes to a brand new world, seeing the town of Kugnae for the first time way back in Yuri 23. The towns, busy and bustling with faces. And little me...a Wooden sabre in hand and a Spring dress on my back. Yes, they called me a newbie.

All I knew was I could smack the life out of poor rabbits, and get bitten by squirmy squirrels. Deer, oh no, those antlers definitely weren't dull. And horses....that's another story. A man with a large, pink sword passed by me. "How neat." I said to myself. "Sir, where did you get that?" I politely approached him. "It's only for poets. It's an Electra." although now I know that was incorrect, all I knew then was that I wasn't a poet. What the heck was a poet anyway? So, I continuted on my journey. I learned of the mighty Honor sword, extremely common at that time. "Does anyone have an Honor sword?" I totally spammed the Kugnae Inns. It seemed like an eternity before someone approached me about the Honor sword. "I have one. I'll help you with your journey, SparkleY." it was a polite man named Northern, with silky Moon robes and parted blonde hair. He handed me a Honor sword, and I was extremely surprised. I mean, they costed a whole 3,000 coins back then! That was a LOT. He led me to the mage guild, and convinced me to become a mage. *sigh* Bad offense to you mages out there. *wink*

That day, I met a sweet man named Augman. He was my mentor, my guide, my friend. I didn't think I would, but I fell in love with him. Another mistake on my part. The next day, he introduced me to Leodaris, and he told me he was going to marry her. I was shocked, sad, and mad at Leodaris (whom has been my mother ever since and I love her very much). I just didn't know what to do. A fabulous beginning, I must say. I got used to the way the kingdoms worked, and I have been here ever since.

.:SparkS:. [\/]erchant

[Assistant to AphroditeXO]

[Forever Forsaken]

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Maybe we don't exist...]