Nexus Biographies



I sat and studied hard with my brother. It had been almost two years since my brother started helping me in my studies. Most people respected me because of my father who was a very wealthy aristocrat. But even more then that I was respected for my physical abilities. I was stronger, faster and all around better then anyone my age and even many adults. Well that was true when it came to physical things but when it came to my studies I was always behind, but my brother was top in his class. While I was respected by most the one person who didn't care about me was the one that should have most, my father. My mother had died when I was young and I have never been able to remember her so I looked up to my father who looked down upon me. My brother on the other hand was practically worshiped by my father. My brother realized this also and tried to help my father give more attention to me but my father paid no attention. Like I said my brother was top in his class which graduated 2 years ago and now came my class this year. The only things my brother had over me was being the first born and his brain. So my brother helped me in my studies, we studied everyday to help me be smarter and rise from the kid behind in his studies to the top of his class. I had my teachers hold off but finally they told my dad of how I had risen to top of my class. With my teach, and brother there with me we explained how me and my brother had studied together to help me become smarter. With this my father grew a big smile and I knew he had to be proud of me. With that my father yelled out "I knew it, I knew I had a genius in the family." He went over to my brother and rapped his arms around him. "In order to take someone below like your brother and take him to the top of his class you truly are a genius." My brother tried to get my dad to give me the recognition for all the work I did (just to impress him) and my father came over and gave me a pat on the back and said I did a good job. I knew he didn't really mean it but put the show on for my brother. I was furious I stormed out and was about to leave everything just to be away from that man when my brother came out and begged me to stay. He told me that we could reach my father with time. I told him that there had been enough time given already and was going to leave. My brother kept insisting that I stay and finally I gave in and stayed. Finally that evening on the way to my room I stopped by my dads room where he was in there getting ready for bed. He asked me what was wrong and why did I look so angry. I told him he was why I was angry and just then stuck my blade into his chest. I pushed the length of my sword into his chest, through his heart. His muscles gave way and I pulled my blade out of him causing him to slump to the ground. After that I went to my room and grabbed a few things and took off. I left the home where I grew up and everyone there, never to look back again.