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The Dragon's Den

On the Island known as Eluris, there lives a plethora of creature's big and small, all sharing the island as a home. To the north live the smooth skinned and longed eared Sylvian Elves in the fortress known as the Celestial Citidel amongst the hot sands of Surilan(Cold Desert).

To the south, running the beach heads of the Cadrinian(Crystal clear sea) ocean are those of the mixed races. Humans, Sinteant Animals known as 'Furs' and 'Feathers' roaming it's cities in harmony.

In the middle of them all rest the Sargasi(Forever) Forest, home of the Darker skined Elves known as the El'Karin. Their War like nature keeping them concealed in shadows under the mountain range known as the Sargasi Myth(Forever Death) Mountains.

Within those hollowed mountains resides the clan of Dragon's known as the Arison. Their nature is simple, just neutrality, their paths their own decided by their King and Queen. Just above the mountains in the clouds are those Dragon's known as the Celestial Clan, based on the path of Rightious fury from the heavens.

But the story behind this is not all of these races, but of only two. It takes place in the human city just south of the Sargasi Myth. The city a small one, everyone knowing each other and working together to build their lives up....all but on boy. His dreams rought with anger and hatred, turning him into an enraged mad man. He screamed with anger at the passer by, always vicious even to the smallest child.

One day he decided to invade the den of Dragon's near the base of the Sargasi Myth. These dragon's where not feared by any as the Arison and Celestial Clans kept them in check, so why should he fear them? "I'll steal one of their Eggs, raise it as my own and have a tame dragon as my mount to control the island." where his thoughts. Setting out for the mountains he followed the caves he found, leading deeper into the soil and darker into the night.

Without the night vision of a Dragon the young man had to light a torch and cover his face with a rag to block the smell of brymstone boiling up from the ground's core. As he travled, he realized his path was going up at a verticle angle instead of downwards. Soon his eye sight no longer needed the torch from the light pouring in from a second cave entrance. He discarded the item and pulled his cloth from his face, discarding it as well.

Night was falling on the outside world, so he turned to make camp near the next cave, a good two miles walk from the cave leading to his home town. He gathered fire wood and rocks for a fire, only now realizing to his horror that he had used his only fire rock to light the torch he had tossed away...leaving that rock in the torches rag wrap. He laid down and curled up, freezing cold in the night until day break.

By the time he was able to pull himself up from his cold bed, he began his walk once again, following the caves slowly till he found a better entrance. This cave didn't have the smell of Brymstone, instead it was warm and comfortable, so he quickly ran inside. The heat began to climb to sweltering hot, making him sweat and pant for breath, but it was so much better then the freezing morning air.

In time he found what was causing such heat, fires burning in pools of oil along the walls, thus heating the rock walls and forcing the heat to rise rapidly. But there in the middle of the room where his goal, the eggs of a Silver dragon, clutched close together to generate more heat in the circle. Each egg like a gold bar to his eyes and all he could do was reach for one, not hearing the loud stomping feet coming through the front of the cave.

Just as his finger tips touched one egg, he felt the hot jets of air rushing around him from the nostrals of the dragoness behind him. Her sparkling white sharp fangs coated in saliva and blood from her recent meal, and from the looks of things she still had room for one more tender morsal such as him.

For all his haughty talk and bolsterious sayings, his body had gone stiff and terrified of the beast before him. His fear so high he couldn't help but let out a whimper and cower down to his knees. When he began to plead and beg to the dragoness, her head reared back in confussion, her head twisted to the side to look at the human stupid enough to invade her lair, and then beg for his life.

Through his tears he swore he heard a voice, a strong male voice that boomed in his ears with rage and yet, it seemed calm and collected. When he opened his eyes, before him he saw a warrior clad in battle armor and a sword strapped to his hips. The emerald hair on his head told him that the warrior he stared at was not human nor elf. This warrior was a Dragon, either an Arison or a Celestial, for only they rode Silver Dragons.

The warrior stared down at him, left hand tapping the pommle of his sword while he watched the cowering human. With only afew words he spoke "Why do you seek those eggs mortal?" was the sound question. A question that caught him off guard, it took him a moment to respond saying only "I..I..I wish be a god." he claimed. The warrior rolled his head back in laughter, translating the human tongue to dragonic through his barks of laughter, this caused the dragoness to rear up in histarics herself.

Once the laughter settled down, the warrior looked over the human, which the dragoness mimiced in return. The warrior's peircing gold eyes with twin black verticle slits bore into his own human eyes, bringing his fear back up to his throat. "And why do you wish to be a God mortal? Power? Riches?" the warrior asked. "Power you have, you came here on your own with neither torch or blanket."

The warrior narrowed his eyes and grined "And riches you have as well, you have a mother, and a home." the warrior drew his sword, and the young man knew his time was now. But after a time, no blade cut his throat, instead his clothes where cut apart, his body cooling even in the hot air. "Wha.." was all he could say before the warrior spoke to the dragoness. She looked over the human, licking her lips as if ready to eat him. But instead she cut a hole in the ground and the warrior pointed "There's your riches human, take what you want."

The human looked over the dragon, then the warrior and all he could do was start to grab for the gold, greedily taking all that he could put into his torn clothing. The warrior and Dragon both shook their heads in dismay as they watched the human run away with all the gold he could carry. He ran down the mountain, not dropping a single peice of gold untill he reached his village.

All of the villagers stared at the man with no clothes on him, but in his arms. He screamed like a mad man, which was common to them to see, but it was when he claimed to have gold and riches they could never see, their eyes locked on him and they waited to see this pool of gold. When he dropped his clothes he laughed at them all, showing the mountains of gold he had. But instead of the villagers looking in awe, they all laughed at him instead.

He was confused, looking from his gold then to the villagers. His mind raced, he was richer then them, more powerful then they, he challanged the dragons and came back...why where they laughing? As if to answer his question, the villagers parted, and there stood the warrior again. His mount at the edge of the town. He strood calmly foreward and picked up a peice of gold between his fingers and smiled.

"For those so greedy, they get nothing in return, but their own greed." he said, his fingers pinched the coin and it shattered into tiny bits. Inside the gold was was fools gold. The warrior moved to his mount, stopping only to say "Greed is not a healthy path. Find your power in side yourself." And with that he walked away, leaving the human to cry over his -gold-.

Stars to thy love,

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