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My life story

Many, many years ago, there was a young man named Camron. He was born in Solice, a city in lands far away. Camron at this time was a mere 22 years old, an adept swordsman, stronger then 2 armed guards, and a reckless fighter. Camron somehow got wrapped up in a war, a war so cataclysmic that thousands died, homes ruined, buildings that have lasted for centuries were destroyed, and cultures were completely obliterated. Camron didn't know that when the war ends, he and all of his companions will become war heroes and be respected by many for as long as they live. Among his group of companions was a silver-haired girl named Teeke. Teeke had an immediate affected for Camron, but Camron was too involved with the war effort to even consider love. Although Teeke was heart-broken, she decided to stay with the group, deciding it was her obligation. Teeke is a waitress at a well-respected inn and can fight fairly well when needed. When the war ended, Teeke, Camron, and all of their companions became famous for their honorable acts of courage, bravery, stubborness to give up hope, and most important of all, winning the war for their side. The group of companions were known henceforth as the Defenders of Peace. 5 years after the war ended, Teeke and Camron got married and showed profound love for each other. They had one child, they named the boy Tanin after one of their companions. Tanin grew up and immediately became an honorable man by defending the innocent, protecting his homeland, and doing fair justice to every injustice. Tanin was respected by everybody in his hometown Solice and his name Tanin Swiftblade was known of throughout the land. Sadly, Tanin grew bored with where he was, he wanted to seek new adventure. He decided to travel to Far-away lands and after many long years of countless battles, bravery in battle, he ended up in a quaint town called Buya. Here he has stayed ever since, learning of unkown cultures and experiencing a vast variety of joysome events, quests, making himself known to others and enjoying his time that he spends in the city of buya.