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Legend of Calamus Aqualis

"One evening when the Moon became as red as blood, engaged on the fields of Vale, a heated war of strife. The swordsman and barbarians of the Kingdoms engulfed themselves in hate and anger, and rushed forward to attack their own brothers.

However, one Soldier stood alone and walked away from the slashing of flesh. It was then he encountered the most lovely a songs. The beautiful voice resonated over the forests in which he had hidden himself. The path he followed drew open to a silver lake, and in the center stood a most splended of ladies. Her gown was made of the waves she stood apon, and her hair was like the flowing streams that drained into the river. She sang a song of tantalizing melodies, and the Warrior fell deeply in love with her as he layed his eyes upon the female Siren.

The Siren, had never before seen a human, nor a man, and was touched in her heart by the masculine creature that had stumbled into her realms. He spoke to her about the events which are occuring, and it saddened her gravely. It was then she gifted the Warrior with the most enchanted of Weapons.

She reached deep into the depths of the dark waters, and drew out a Sword made from nothing less than the element she was bound to.

"This will aid you my handsome is the Calamus Aqualis. All who hold this Blade of Water will unite with the element. Their strikes will flow like the dampest waters. Their defense will increase with agility...I ask you in devotion to end the battles that you speak brings be nothing more than grief. But also, promise me you will return with this sacred articfact...and with your health - I could not live without your presence from this day forth."

The Warrior obeyed and promised the Siren, his love, and set forth into battle. He fought courageously through the Eve, and the following morning. Untill he was swept by fatigued. He rested in the greatest of cast shadows for a short while, breathing heavily from the battles just minutes before - it would also be his final breath that very moment. The Katana slide deeply into his chest, and his life was stolen from the War...

Legends fortell that the Calamus Aqualis had never been found. Traces of blood and torn grass marks that the man did not die the moment he was slain, but was able to walk a short distance. Could he have hidden the Blade in the deepths of Vale? Scholars still speak of hearing the Siren's mournful song when traveling across the spaceous land - during the nights when the moon is like blood. Do you have the Heart to recover the secrets of the lost Blade, and the anceint story...?

-Years Later-

Licht was scribing his recent discoveries as his heavy wooden door began to thump desperatly. The door swung open as Vlad came panting into his quarters.

"Sh.e .. *gasping for air* SHE SINGS!!"

Licht's eyes widened to the flustered comment and thought back to decades before now...

As if a binding curse had been grounded onto the men and women of the Kingdom's, they all clattered in armor and sheilds towards the Vale. The moon began to dim a shallow blood like hue as they approached their destination. Searching for days, they were inspired by the echoing songs of a saddened Siren nightly when the rain poured down.

At last, Pul had discovered the rippling waters of a pond, hidden deep inside the groves of Vale. Standing still as her gowns flowed around her like the water from which she came, was Aqualis. Pul alarmed the others as they rushed to her location.

"My lost from me.. " , sung Aqualis.

Her voice resonated through the Aethers of the realms, awakening more than just the dead.

"I would only trust that you will aid me, dear humans...although my trust of you is bare and out the Prophets of time and life itself...they will surly know what has brought the betrayal of my dear heart.."

The soliders, warriors, and barbarians, walked days and nights. "The Prophets..?", they wondered.

Finally, after searching every dust infested rock, they had found the Prophets which Aqualis spoke of. They seemed to not care much for those who discovered them either, much like Aqualis. However, after the patrons acknowledged that they only wished to help Aqualis ease her heart, they agreed and called the farthest corners of the gates of Death. They rose their arms high into the skies and began a chant not heard before untill now..

"Hail..To the deaceased corners of the realms. To the grave earth of the darkest grove. We call beyond the gates of the one named.. Calamus! Come forth to this place! Talk with life and light! Hear again the songs of... . "

The winds whispered and the trees rustled. All around had felt the power of the words these three wise men spoke. Suddenly a glowing light envaded their surroundings..

" ..Aqualis.." , Calamus whispered

The warrior's presence had been invoked by the powers of the Prophets. Everyone watched with opened eyes and anxious words.

" My love...oh how have I disgraced her!

You all...please...deliver this message of

apologies and my love...for if you do you

will certainly find the sword I lost strapped to

a Buck of forest colors..."

Calamus' spirit could no longer remain in the physical world, and departed. The people around had now felt the sorrow of Calamus...what a cruel joke played by Fate on these two star destined loves.

The battles of the Kingdom's now began to take a vicious turn. Each for their own glory. Seeking the Sword which Calamus had lost before his unforgotten death. However, the Deer was not found, but a Druid who had been seen frequently walking the Forests. In his hand ...was the enlightened sword of water!!

"Sir...where did you find that..", exclamed Voice.

"I had found it peircing the flesh of a young deer..whoever had done this will be punished dearly..was it you!!?"

"No! But I do wish to accept the sword from see,"

Voice explained the Legend of Aqualis to the Druid. Voice noticed the wincing of the Druid's eyes, as if he truely understood the importance of the Sword.

"I will hand you this sword..but I will not just give it to anyone..this sword obviously needs to return to the Lady Aqualis...if you can answer my riddle, I know you are worthy to take it.."

The Druid spoke his riddle to Voice and the now others also trying to hold the sword.

The riddle pondered many of the patrons around, but Voice spoke aloud the true feeling of

the mind puzzle and the trait of the one who would most likely deliver the sword.

"LOVE!", shouted Voice.

With that word, the Druid bowed and open handed gifted Voice with the sacred sword. Voice ran quickly back to the location of Aqualis and found her singing again a song of sorrow.


The Siren's eyes brightened.

"My ..sword!"

Voice was happy to see the Siren who was once sad and depreate, now glowing with some joy.

"What of Calamus? Calamus, where are you hiding..hehe?", Spoke Aqualis.

Voice, looked down at the ground and explained the tale of Calamus to her.

"Dead...? My love? NO IT CAN'T BE...", Aqualis cried, " Than Voice, with you pure heart and my sword..I ask you to slay me! Bring me to my love! Please..I beg you..", Aqualis kneeled down into the waters with all waterfalls of the world crying from her eyes.

"Aqualis..." Voice faintly spoke..

Voice raised the Sword to the Highest forgiving heaven and drew down into the flesh of the Siren. She fell hard into the water, and the waves around her rippled onto the grass about the beach. Voice watched Aqualis sink into the misty waters..and noticed a faint smile on her last look before her last breath...

Voice now walks sadly with a Burden of love and the Joy of love. The sword he holds will always remind him, and those who see it - That love conquers all...breaking all boundries, even life.