Nexus Biographies


"My First day."

I sit up, noticing my body aches. I looked around, wondering where I am. Scared.. Scared of what..? I have no clue. I look around, and see a man at the table. He looks towards me "Mmm. Finally you have woken up Miss. I was getting worried about you. I thought you'd never wake up" He said with such warmness and a kind smile.

"What happened to me, where am I?!" I asked.

"I'm not sure what happened to you.. But, you are in Buya, and I'm Jadespear. What is your name miss?"

I sit there, trying to think.. nothing comes to mind.. What's wrong with me I think disheartedly.

"Is something the matter miss?"

"I don't seem to remember my name, or anything for the matter" I say flatly.

"Well I was walking home one night from Islets, and I seen something floating in the water, unsure of what it might be, so I checked it out." He sighed softly.

"When I looked closer, it was you. You didn't look so good, so I carried you to my house, and have been caring for you since."

"How long has it been since you found me?"

"Oh maybe a month or so. Have no memories of anything"

"Nothing at all.."

"Well, your are welcomed to stay here as long as you like" he said with a smile.

"I think you for your kindness."

So after that day, Jadespear has been taking care of Trinaity. He treated her like his own daughter. Jadespear taught her the ways of the kingdom, and showed her many things. Trinaity decided that the Mage path was the one she was destined to. She would be training everyday in Buya. If she wasn't training, she would be studying everything around her.

Trinaity thought to herself one day, and wondering how she knew how things turned out. Like that one time when she was walking on her way to the rabbit caves, and someone ran by her, all of a sudden she screamed out

"Stop or your going to get hurt!"

Of course the person who ran by didn't listen, and tripped. He scraped his knee pretty bad and his arm as well, was nearly broken. The little boy yelled out in anguish. She could almost feel the pain he was in. She went closer to him, to help.. but the boy yelled

"Get away from me witch!!"

Shocked and hurt, she ran, and ran.. when she was finally out of breath she just dropped herself to the ground and started crying.. She was afraid of what just happened. Although the scene that just happened moments before, played in her mind over and over. After a long while she got up and walked home with her head down, afraid. Once she got home Jadespear came running toward her and gave her a hug.

"Where have you been?! I've been worried about you."

Trinaity then told him what happened today. Jadespear grew quiet and the colour is his face drained slowly."I think its time you leave Buya, my daughter.. " He said quietly almost a whisper.

Jadespear knew one day she would leave, and that he would just have to accept it.. But it was too heartbreaking for him.

"But why Dad?! WHY!" she screamed as tears rolled down her face.

"Because I knew you were special, and now isn't the time to be in Buya. They are executing people who 'have' powers such as you.. So you must leave now before word gets out" his heart breaking even more..

"I love you Dad.." she said through sobs.

"I love you too Trin.." he said as he was trying to withhold his sadness.

So Trinaity packed up a few things and left. She took a horse from the stable, looked back once at her father and left...