Nexus Biographies


The Gift of the Path within the Path

Barbarian strength is without peer;

the Wild holds their rage.

The Muses' songs are sweet and clear,

a College hosts their stage.

While Shamans' gifts are spirit-bound,

they bridge our death and life,

the Merchants' wealth is treasure found,

they seek no gold through strife.

Diviners see what's not yet been,

the future theirs to tell.

The Monks are led by Buddha's pen,

at harmony they dwell.

Our Rangers love the countryside,

their arrows straight and true.

'Protection' is the Chongun's pride;

injustice they subdue.

Though Druids guard their Nature home,

(and each a floral ace),

the Spies conceal from where they roam

to sneak from place to place.

To Geomancers, Tao is king,

it balances their ways.

For Do, they hone their weapon-swing,

a mastery we praise.

Totem-seekers worship gods

though Baek is their guide.

Against ChiZao they are at odds,

over Vortex they preside.

Each group is blessed with special traits,

and powers unique to them.

For in their path, a truth awaits

more prized than any gem.

Through kindred love and loyalty

they strengthen strong and small.

This common bond their specialty;

their greatest gift of all.