Nexus Biographies


Three Chongun Bears

The Chongun long have teamed with Bear,

as Madog founded each.

Below are three with special flair,

with valor beyond impeach.

-=:+:=- -=:+:=- -=:+:=- -=:+:=-

AZNCloudBoi is a Chongun true

and fights on our behalf,

but fear him not - the jokes on you,

the Bear King loves to laugh.

His Battle Scars are rightly earned,

poise gained through wounded flesh.

Barbarian guards have also learned

that his might is always fresh.

A Chongun guide with allies strong,

Logorin is friends with Dragons.

With Smelting he can do no wrong,

Earth-joined by Druid pagans.

Logorin's soul is vibrant red;

his passion lights our Path.

His hate for Germ is duly fed

and may one day spread his wrath . . .

In contrast, PyroAce is cool;

He saw the towns rebuild!

A stoic judge who spots a fool

and pardons if just fulfilled.

He knowledge of the weapon lore,

surpasses that of most,

Though he leads our hunts with Bruin's roar,

You will never hear him boast.

-=:+:=- -=:+:=- -=:+:=- -=:+:=-

These Chongun all have different moods,

yet each sports deadly claws,

From me, an ample prides exudes

As I follow ancient paws.