Nexus Biographies


A Fatal Dance

"Sometimes, the best way to live life is by living it safe. Other times call for a bolder means. After all, with great risk is great reward right?" Yong-Bae argued with his wife as he began to prepare himself for a trecherous adventure. Yong was a talented rogue from Buya that was well known for his fighting abilities. He was taught by Kwi-sin in the 43rd year of Yuri's reign and strongly followed the teachings of Guild Masters Maro, Maso, and Dagger. He was slightly shorter than most of the men his age, a curse from his father's genetic line, and had brown hair that was neatly bound in a pony tail that hung to his waist. At first glance, he looked like a common citizen, but within his short, muscular body was a fighting talent that soared above many, many others.

"You know Yong, you do not have to do this. I mean, there are other ways of attaining a moon helmet than throwing yourself at the mercy of the mythic animals. I mean honestly, there are dozens of merchants and peddlers that you can get a good deal from. It's not like we don't have the money," his wife retaliated. Joo-Eun, his wife, was a beautiful woman. She was not overly georgeous, but something about her made her a looker. She was, as her name implied, a silver pearl, a treasure to behold. Of all of Yong-Bae's adventures and prizes, she was by far the most challenging and rewarding aspect of his life. But she knew that when adventure and risk called her husband's name, he was sure to answer with his nimble blade in hand.

"Honey, listen. I am no merchant and I do not enjoy buying something that I can attain. Our daughter needs a moon helmet, and I am going to get him one the best way I know how. I am going to the mythic lands where the pigs are, I'm looking for a Pig Avenger, and I will rip the Moon helmet off it's head," Yong said with a slightly annoyed tone in his voice. He knew that his wife would not approve as she never does. "This is final." Standing up from his chair, he grinned and embraced his wife. "I'll be back tomorrow." He picked up his sheathed Nimble Blade, two fine pearl bracelets, and his ruck sack. With a final kiss, he walked out the door and headed to the Buyan stables.

After riding for sometime to the mythic lands, Yong dismounted his horse and traveled on foot to the lands where the mythic pigs dwell. He carefully began tracking his prey and avoided being attacked by the angry animals. Venturing further into the cave, Yong felt the need to pray to the Great White Tiger, Baekho and ask for cunning and grace. With a sharp mind, keen eyes, and alert sense, Yong-Bae moved onward. A noise from the rear startled him, and as he turned something hit him in his back. While Yong was struggling to regain his balance, another blow landed into the center of his back, dropping him to his knees. Yong, now fully aware of the danger and filled with adrenaline, was numbing to the pain in his back quickly. Yong turned his head far enough to see the spear once again coming at him, this time with the blade. Ducking and rolling, Yong escaped what would have been a fatal blow. He got to his feet and faced his attacker. It was his target, the pig avenger and upon his head was the moon helmet. This was it.

Yong pulled his Nimble Blade to a ready position. "Alright, let's dance." The Pig Avenger charged him with a fury, but now, Yong was ready. He quickly stepped to the side with his Nimble Blade horizontal. The force of the charging Avenger meeting the blade was nearly fatal to the pig, and caused it to drop. Without facing his prey, Yong lifted his sword, spun it around, and plunged it into the back of his prey. With the Avenger dead, Yong took the helmet and some other things that it had carried off of the dead body. Triumphantly, he returned home to his wife and daughter in Buya.

-The End-