Nexus Biographies


Dance of Swords

I have faced many battles in my life. As I prepared that night for the battle the next day, I thought of the outcome

[This man I am fighting...I wonder who he is?]

I poured water upon my blade, and wiped it with a cloth, shining it. I sheathed it in a jeweled sheath, emeralds, sapphired, and rubies lined its sides, made from the finest jeweler in town. The blade shimmered the candle light at my eyes.

A stranger came in:

"Mr. Yammamoto? Is that really you?"

I hated people calling me by my last name of Yammamoto, but what really bothered me is what he's about to say.

"Oshikara Yammamoto? It is you! Why did you not answer me?"

Yea, my name is Oshikara Yammamoto, I prefer WhisperWind... but I guess in formal ooccasions I could live with it.

"This blade, was made from the finest metal from the island Ilbon" I responded.

I ran my finger along the blade with little pressure, when I reached the tip I lifted my finger up to show him the cut it produced.

"Do you know what they call these blades young peasant?" I added to make him feel bad.

"N-n-no s-sir..." He stuttered.

"They call them Katanas, a two handed sword.." I answered my own question.

"S-sir, your openent would like a practice duel" He remarked.

"Are you his servant?" I questioned him.

"Y-y-y-yes sir" He stuttered as I gave him a long box.

"Where are we fighting?" I asked.

"In.. the..the.. palace courtyard, the prince would like to view, you see your fighting the prince's number one warrior..."

"Alright, take this box to the palace courtyard, and place it on the ground, I'll meet you there."

As he left I thought

[The princes number one warrior, who could this be? Maybe he CAN beat me..]

I took off what I was going to wear-heavy armor.

I then put on light weight leather armor, that I would normally use for archery. The leather is light weight, yet sturdy to protect me from some blows of a sword.

I brought my wakizashi which was in a small leather sheath at my side. Over the leather armor I slipped on a black robe. On the back of my robe I strapped on a quiver of arrows and my Wilderness bow. On my right arm I put on my bracer. On the left side of my body I put my demon dagger in its small scabbard. On my ankle I strapped a tiny knife for quick use. I put on a belt that had some flash dust attached to it.

The jeweled scabbard that the Katana belonged to was still at my side.

I walked to the courtyard, reached for my box and pulled out the shining blade, and sheathed it.

I took off my bow, and pulled out two arrows. There was a blue curtain on the wall opposite of me. And two small pins were hanging the curtain. I shot the arrows at the pins, the curtains fell, and revealed a warrior with medium weight armor, and two swords. I raised a brow.

I took out an arrow, put it in one of the candles to make it on fire, I struck a large candle at the roof to light up the room completely.

I unstrapped my quiver of arrows and took off my bow. I placed them along the wall.

Prince M'hul announced.

"For this tournament of blades.."

I interrupted.

"This is the real battle?"

The Prince continued"

"...who ever kills the openent, will be granted 60million coins and a free house payed by me."

The Prince's army scrambled out of their barracks. A colonel whispered in my ear.

"The warrior you are fighting, has trained under the master of the swords for almost sixteen yuris, I hope you brought your mommy to take you home" He laughed.

I grabbed his shoulder and remarked

"Wanna see a dance?"

The colonel walked back up the steps and eyed me throughout the battle.

I chuckled, "So, we gonna dance or what?"

The warrior with the two swords charged at me, twirling them fiercly.

I stepped out of his way so he could twirl them at the air once more.

I unsheathed my wakizashi. I gripped it firmly in my hand. As he came back charging at me agian, this time with one sword pointing down at an angle to stab me, and the other straight out.

I stepped from his charge, and as he ran with his back at me, I sliced his right arm with my wakizashi, forcing him to drop his sword, and use his left hand. The colonel shouted out "He's left handed you fool!"

I looked at him and winked.

His smile turned to a straight line.

The warrior came running at me again, His left hand still had

the sword at an angle. The blue carpet that Mhul had was now dotted with rips, and blood.

The balacony that the people were watching from was silent waiting for me and the warrior to strike.

As the warrior continued running, I continued dodging with small steps. Saving my energy but wasting his.

Finally the warrior stopped charging and stood still, holding his sword down, the tip into the carpet. He leaned against the handle. And spoke with few words: "I'm waiting", his breathe was still steady.

I raised a brow, "Alright, your choice, not mine".

His picked up his sword, as I sheathed my wakizashi and pulled out my katana. I held the katana firmly with both my hands. As he stepped to me and swung, I parried with my katana. He took the sword on its side, and quickly slapped the bottom of my sword's handle forcing it out of my hands. My katana flew up in the air, I watched it, distracted he cut off my wakizashi sheath, I looked down. He backed away. He kicked the katana across the room when it landed, and did the same with the wakizashi. My robe was ripped. I took it off, leaving my leather armor, my pants, and my undershirt protecting me.

I rolled while unsheathing my demon dagger the knight kicked me in the back as I rolled under his legs to stab him. My dagger went flying across the room.

The Prince announced "See! See!? See everyone! NO ONE can defeat my warrior! NO ONE!"

As I store dazed and confused at the ground. I reached to fix my shoe.

The warrior had is back turned, and he was waving to the crowd.

As I felt my shoe, I felt the small dagger I had. I grabbed it, got up and slid it in my sleeve. I walked up to the warrior and spoke very loud.

"I am finally glad to meet someone..."

I revealed my dagger and stuck it in his neck.

"I can kill still."

The prince fainted from the sight.

The colonel that was taunting me came to me and said "Follow me for your prize..."

"Nah, I think I'll just keep my honor and walk away back to where I belong, the wilderness."

I gathered my weapons and bundled them in my robe. And put them under my arm, I walked out the palace.

I heard a yell and I turned around. Archers appeared on the balace gate walls, and on the palace roof, and the library roof. Warriors with long spears closed off any escape. As mend with long blue capes and extremely long swords came towards me. They shoved me to the ground.

"Did you not read the papers when you signed to fight the warrior?" One of the men in the blue capes spat at me.

"I did."

"Well if you did you must have read that you must let the warrior win." He replied with a sharp tongue.

"Well, actually it said if I do kill him, I will not get the prize. I didn't get the prize now did I?" I countered his threat.

I pushed his foot off my chest and stood back up. The men in blue capes walked away.

One of them raised a finger and shouted "FIRE!"

I look around me, the archers pulled back their strings and fired. I dodged the first fire. Their next fire was at free will. I had to run quick. I found a place where there were no guards. I slipped behind a building and got out my wilderness bow. I pulled out three flame arrows and put them on my bow string and fired them at the archers that had their backs faced at me. They caught on fire and fell of the roof, quickly scramblling around. They ran to the river and cooled off. I took regular arrows and fired them one by one at the archers. Even though I gave away my precense, they could not find me. All the archers were finally gone. I climbed the fence and only brought my demon dagger, bow and quiver of arrows with me, I left my robe, wakizashi, and katana on the ground. I ran back to trapper's paradise.

I was finally home. And last I heard, the Army forgot all about me.