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The Mountain Band

The history of the Mountain Band is quite amazing. The Mountain Band was actually an accident. A long time ago, about a few seasons after the Mountain Tribe had built the elder's hut. The elder was making sand art, basically this consisted of water to harden the sand, and making sculptures. The elder did this as a hobby. One night he was working on a sculpture of the mountain, and the settlement. He was done.. but his eaglekeen eye saw the most valuable mistake. The elder's hut was built on an angel. This could mess up the shaping of the mountain's slopes. So, the elder, carefully taking dried out leaves to slice the bottom's off of each building, then picking them up, and placing them to the side of his work space. He lowered the chain-hanging lamp so he could see better. Raising his elbow to reach for a scraping tool, he knocked over the lamp, it fell flat in the middle of the mountain, making a hole in the middle, and the fire burning, and totally hardening the sand around it. He called it the mountain band, because he had gathered the sand from the mountain. They were like the Medal of Honor to the Mountain Tribe.. so you could say...

[:Mountain Band to Mountain Tribe, as, Medal of Honor is to:]

[:BuyanImperialArmy ,KogurianRoyalArmy ,NangenArmy.:]

Very few were ever made, infact only two, the one by accident, was kept in a safe. The other made on purpose was awarded to, my father Caradoc, for his bravery in the Tiger War. That war was when a massive group of thousands of tigers invaded the mountain, and attacked everything, and everyone. We lost three people to that war. Almost ten, if it weren't for my father. He had jumped infront of a tiger that had cornered some children. He had been bitten in the middle of his chest and clawed at his arm. He was still able to fight, barely, he had just enough strength to kill the tiger. And he did. That night he was rewarded the Mountain Band. That night they danced until sunrise, to reward the victory, and slept until sunrise, to strengthen their body and minds.

One week while I was visiting the ruins of my tribe, I had stumbled across the elder's hut. An ogre club had laid on the ground.. with the elder's workspace crushed underneath. Flashbacks of my mind during the last.. war of our tribe.. the Ogre war. Victorous.. in someway, but Lost in another. I felt my forehead as it burned with rage. I picked up the club, it having to weigh at least half my weight, I threw it against a half broken wall. I found the safe. The safe was a puzzle of metal bricks. Once one had put the puzzle together it would open. But the problem is, only the elder knew the puzzle's combination, and had never written it down. It was only written in his mind. I touched the puzzle and moved one piece to the left. It had opened. {It must've been shooken about when the ogres had stormed in} I had thought. Inside it was a perfectly conditioned Mountain Band. I slipped it on. Then I had another flashback of my father's Mountain Band breaking to the deadly crush of the ogre's club. I am now the last owner of the Mountain Band.


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