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Mountain Tribe Blade

Every other winter, the Elder would forge the Mountain Tribe Blade, to someone who has respected the ways of the tribe. Many were given out. People say the blade had magical powers, but it didn't. It was just an elemental blade. Meaning it was made from the elements of the world. Fire, Water, Wind Metal, and Earth. A lot of items used by my tribe were elemental. Mainly because testing, it was sturdy and long lasting. Oh yes! How the blade would be created, basically we melted down the earth, to form metal, using fire. Then we made part of the handle out of wood, and wind to cool the heat. But theres a lot more to it. You may receive it, but only the Mountain Spirits can actually bless it with their love. The Mountain Tribe Blade, was a symbol of respect. Although many were given out, only few were actually used in battle. Tribe Members thought that using it in battle would offend. When I received mine as only a mere child, I used it everyday. I used it in duels, chopping tree branches. I personally loved it. Until one day, bears attacked the village, every man, and boy able to weild a weapon was expected to fight. So I slid on my Mountain Yuukan Robe, and grabbed my Mountain Tribe Blade. I ran towards the bears. 'Fraid slightly, I was, but I did not let it take over my mind. I jumped on a bear. Frightened in what I had done, I looked up towards the sky, and prayed to the gods to aid me. I took my blade, looking around me, everyone was using something different, then the weaponry given to them. Scared in what would be my fate, I thought of it no more. I quickly flipped my blade down, and stabbed the bear's head. Falling head first to the ground, the bear acted as a catapult and flung me off. Flying through the air only lasted less then a second, but my life glancing before my eyes made it seem a lifetime. I landed. My blade and ricochetted off a rock and had killed three bears. But, I was still unconscience. All I saw and knew at the moment was black, and darkness. I awoke in the elder's hut, on his bed. My family members, and friends were crowded around me. Looking left and right with a dazed look, people stared at me, even though they knew I wasn't fully there in spirit. I fell asleep. I awoke, it was night time, I had slept a whole day. I was fully restored. I walked outside of the elder's hut, a huge campfire was present. They all smiled at me and cheered. Learning that I had killed the last of the bears with my fall, was quite amazing. The Elder knew it was a mistake, but still recognized me as a brave soul, and followed one of the codes of the tribe:-Protect Tribe Members No Matter Situation- Happy to hear that I would get my sword blessed, I slept that night, proud.


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