Nexus Biographies


The fall of the Mountain Tribe

You see a boy standing on the top of a mountain, the wind making his hair dance, and clothes run. He stares into the horizon, a tear slowly falling, clenching his hand. He walks off down a path. Kicking the bulky ghost grey rocks. He kneels down and looks at the path. Then he quickly stomps the ground next to the footprint he found. One was enourmous, his was tiny compared to it. He begins to look west. Then east. Then runs.

"Ogres! Must warn the village!"

This boy is Oshikara from a village north of Sanhae, from another wilderness. Oshikara was swift, quick, and light. He knew every shortcut from his house to every other building. His stealth was unbeatable in his village. As he runs into the town he yells.


These ogres aren't the ones you find in Ham-Yong or the Islets, these are much bigger. I am talking half the size of Lasahn's palace! His father, a ranger, tells him to come with him. As they walk into a room, his dad picks up an old oak box. Oshikara seeing that the box is sealed shut, thinks {What can be in there?}. Then Oshikara hears a crack sound. His father had opened it. Quickly turning his head, Oshikara looks near the doorway, hearing screams of innocent children, men, and women dieing from lethal strikes of the ogres. His father starts unwrapping the royal-red cloth, right as Oshikara turned his head.

"Son, you must know, this dagger shall not be used for the wrong, but for defense, and for the right."

Oshikara, picks up the dagger...

"A Demon Dagger!"

"Yes son, it is yours now, it served me, now avenger me!"

His father runs outside with his sword halfway out of the scabberd. -KLUNK, BAM, CRUNCH- Oshikara's father had been swept away from an Ogre's brutal spiked club, and was thrown into his house, right next to Oshikara.

Oshikara looks at the dagger's handle, enscribed was a name.. [WhisperWind]

"My father was known as WhisperWind!? For avengence... For my father... I shall avenge his death, and go by the name of WhisperWind."

Putting his hands into a prayer position, he looks up and prays {Dear gods, give me the speed of the tiger, strength of the dragon, will of the turtle, and acceptance of magic of the phoenix} As Oshikara runs out, he jumps to his chest. Trying to find the key, an ogre crushes the roof, and literally pulls it right off. He then says

"there is no TIME"

Then kicks the lock open. Looking inside he notices only one sword is there. A swift sword. As he runs out, he throws his sword into the ogre leader's heart. Then jumps onto the well, then onto a roof. Running along the roof, jumping from roof to roof. He jumps on the ogre leader's back and rides him, taking his steel dagger he stabs his head, over and over and over. Then he unwraps his Demon Dagger from its cloth scabbard. He jumps up and stands on the ogres shoulders, then plunges the dagger into the side of the head, dead on into the ear. Then uses it as a handle and swings his body infront of the ogre leader. Then balances himself on the sword that was in the heart of the ogre leader. As the ogre is struggling WhisperWind, takes his Demon Dagger from the head and plunges it into the chest, seperating both lungs from air. The ogre just as it is about to swing at WhisperWind he straightens out and forms a statue of himself then, pushes himself off of the ogre leader's chest and spinning into the air, right as the ogre swings. The leader of the ogres falls. WhisperWind walks over to the ogre leader, and looks at him.

"No one ever hurts me, or my family"

Then WhisperWind spits on the ogre. The other ogres had left, in fear.



Ranger WhisperWind