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Ragged Robes/ History of the Mountain Robe

I wandered into my village. Ruins everywhere. Homes top halves crushed into the foundation. Elder's hut, in the middle, all there, except the roof. Flashbacks of the day of destruction pinched my mind. Walking in each house, well what was left of it, I looked for any artifact. Looking around me, looking at the half-walls, I noticed the shape, was the shape of my home. Walking into what used to be my bedroom, crunched the top of my old desk. Ruined by age and fighting, my room looked like the gods have strucken it of hatred. Lifting up my straw matress, I pulled up a loose board, my old journal lay there, unmotionless. Half ruined, I turned the pages, some bug was eating at it on the fourth page, flicking it away. I noticed a shirt. Big and bulky, it was. I knew what it was. The elder would appoint a boy in the village who has acted brave, or wise. I earned it by being brave.


I was standing at the front gate, and hill of my village sitting on a stone widdling away at part of a log. A man in heavy armour came riding up on a big black horse, plated with armour. Color was in no sight. He got off his horse, a thump arose when he landed to the ground. I jumped off the rock. I asked him why he was here. Only response was a grunt. He shoved me against the rock I was sitting against. The knife I was using to widdle came upon my shoulder, the rock scraped the metal. Noticing all the man's weaponry and rations were still latched to the horse, I looked at how far the man had gone. Not far at all. So I grabbed the knife and throw it at the horses hooves. Frightened the horse galloped away and naying. The man turned around and stared at me. He slowly turned, and walked towards me. My heart pounded faster then normal, soon harder then normal. I glanced to my side, my dagger hung in its scabbard. I put my hand around the handle. My fingers one at a time grabbing it. I remembered what my father several moons from when I was born "Survive all challenges". My last finger finishing the grip. Taking out the dagger as quickly as possible, yet it seemed so long. The man, only eight steps away, looked to the side of my head, as if seeing something in the distance. Standing my ground, I dared not to budge, or look anywhere. My throat felt like it was locking up. My eyes, water, but I dare not fear this man, so I stopped the tears with my strength. My dagger to my side. He came rushing towards me. A hidden axe came out, and was swung at me. I dodged it with speed. Then another swing at my head and neck. Dodged. Finally when he missed I stabbed him in the back of his neck. Dead he was. My father came runninng towards me, as I looked down at the dead giant. He told me, my bravery was more than the man's strength. Later that night the elder had woven my :Mountain Yuukan Robe:. I wore it with bravery.


I picked the robes, its etching :Mountain Yuukan Robes:. were worn out. Yet I still knew what it means. So I am still proud.


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